Google Device Drop Monitor will recognize falls and collect relevant information

Pixel 4a XL

Google has a new app that records smartphone drops and collects information about them for further evaluation. With the new Android 11, Google brings an interesting app to its own pixel smartphones. The new app is available for the first time with the second beta of Android 11, which has been available for the Pixel 4 (XL) and older models for a few days. This app is called “Device Drop Monitor” and it is preinstalled on Pixel 4 (XL). Google Device Drop Monitor recognizes when the device is dropped. The app will also record the duration and acceleration of the free fall in X, Y, and Z in m / s ^ 2.


The really interesting part of this app is the subsequent procedure of the app. If there is a recorded fall, a survey will appear on the display. Google wants to learn more about the circumstances. This includes the approximate drop height, the floor material, and whether the device was possibly in a case. What does Google intend to do with this information? In any case, this should be critically examined, but the intention seems to be a good one.

Google Device Drop Monitor

Google wants the data to improve the design of future devices

Google wants to use this information to improve the design of future pixel smartphones. Instead of just carrying out your own tests, you simply test the resistance in everyday use. If weaknesses become known as a result, these could make the subsequent device in the future better. When you complete the survey, you will get this message

“Thank you for participating in the survey. Your input will help improve the design of future Pixel devices. ”

Google Device Drop Monitor seems to reveal more than we would like

The only question that arises is whether Google is not also evaluating the information collected in other ways. What if the fall data available leads to a refusal to repair it later? For instance, if there is a fault with your phone and Google has recorded many falls, it may be a criterion to deny users warranty repair. 

In the same way, such data could be evaluated by insurance companies in order to adjust the prices individually according to the customer. So it remains exciting whether Google reserves the evaluation of these values ​​for itself and really only for the communicated purpose. The said app can be expected on all new Pixel devices, as well as on the Pixel 4.

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