iPhone 12 series – Top three major down points that will disappoint you

Apple iPhone 12

The Apple iPhone 12 series is one of the most anticipated smartphones in the industry presently. This series will be Apple’s first 5G iPhones and it is expected to use some new technologies in the industries. We all know that Apple is not so keen on using new technologies especially those that are not 100% complete. Although many iPhone users wish Apple can follow the trend and use massive batteries and RAM size, this is not going to happen. One thing we know for sure is that the iPhone 2 series will come with a better processor. We are also certain that this series will keep its price as low as possible. At least, there will be a model that will be “affordable”.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 12 series will not bring the latest technologies in the Android camp. Even though we are sure that it will arrive with the 5G network, there are other desired technologies that will elude the iPhone 12 users. If you are so keen on the arrival of the iPhone 12 series, do not raise your hopes too high. The iPhone 12 series has its down points. Looking at the rumors, speculations and confirmations so far, here are three major down points that will disappoint you.

No 120Hz refresh rate

Are you surprised? Please don’t be, the iPhone 12 series will not come with the 120Hz refresh rate display. This is quite disappointing considering that the Android camp already has this feature since 2017. In 2020, most Android flagships come with a 120Hz refresh rate display. The Android smartphone to use the 120Hz display is the Razer Phone 1 which was released in November 2017. In fact, the Android camp has already moved passed the 120Hz. We now have a couple of Android phones with 144Hz displays. The likes of Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, Asus ROG Phone 3, iQOO Neo 3 5G, iQOO Z1 5G, Nubia RedMagic 5G, and Nubia Play 5G all use 144Hz displays. We can be sure that more will follow soon.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Generally speaking, a higher refresh rate will make things appear smoother. If you’re just scrolling through text on an iPhone 11, it might look slightly worse than it would on a Pixel 4. The difference is small enough that the untrained eye might not even notice it.

Well, you may say since the iPhone 12 series will not use a 120Hz display, at least it will use 90Hz. Sorry to dash your hopes but the iPhone 12 series may not also use a 90Hz display. All the available information suggests that this new series will stick to 60Hz.  According to a recent AnTuTu leak for an alleged iPhone 12, the UX score is 81927. This is a 2.1% drop from its predecessor. The UX performance is significantly a function of the screen refresh rate. Considering that the iPhone 12 series UX performance is not higher than that of iPhone 11 Pro Max, there is reason to believe that the iPhone 12 series display will stick to 60Hz.

Bionic A14 SoC is not as powerful as expected

According to AnTuTu, an Apple device with a model of “iPhone 13,4” appeared in its back-end database. The screen size and processor frequency of the new phone are unknown. However, the screen resolution is 2688 × 1242 which is consistent with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Thus, there are widespread reports that this device could be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to AnTuTu, the “iPhone 13,4″ uses 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

In terms of running points, the current total score of this device is 572,333. Of this score, the CPU score is 167527, GPU score is 222071, the MEM score is 100808, and the UX score is 81927. Comparing this score with the average score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the total score has increased by 9.1%. While the CPU, GPU, and storage score increase by 16.7%, 3.6%, and 21.9% respectively, the UX score drops by 2.1%. 

Judging from the running scores of this exposure, the improvement of the A14 relative to the A13 is indeed not significant, especially in terms of GPU. Of course, the current running scores may not represent the real performance of the A14, and the phone needs to be updated after the launch. To get a true average score, we will need more tests.

The Pro versions may be very expensive

One of the attractive aspects of the iPhone 12 series should be its price. Well, Apple’s pricing is different from the rest of the world. What Apple fans consider as cheap may be actually expensive to non-Apple users. The “cheap” aspect of this series is that its starting price will be similar or the same to that of the iPhone 11 series. There are reports that the iPhone 12 series will have a $749 starting price. This is only $50 more than the $699 starting price of the iPhone 11 series

iPhone 12 series
The prices here are not consistent with recent speculations. The starting price is $100 lower than the latest report

However, the Pro models of the iPhone 12 series will be quite expensive. This will significantly weaken the desire to buy this device but in any case, the iPhone 12 Pro still has to be bought for fun. It appears that Apple is making the Pro Models for core iPhone fans that will still purchase it irrespective of the cost.

Although the exact price range of this series is not known, you can be sure that there will be many viable alternatives, especially in China. For example, the expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gives a free Galaxy Bud upon purchase. This will not be the case for the iPhone 12 series. Recall that the iPhone 12 series will not be coming with charger or headphones. This means that users will pay thousands of dollars for a phone without a charger or headphone. From the price point of view, there will be nothing attractive about the iPhone 12 Pro models.


Although the iPhone 12 series is highly anticipated as the first 5G iPhones, it has its own down points. However, Apple seems to understand the market pretty well and there is no doubting the sales of the iPhone 12 series. Nevertheless, iPhone users will have to wait at least a year to get certain features that are already on the Android camp for years. Overall, the iPhone 12 series may not be as great as we think.

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