Xbox Series X internal SSD has 802GB free space – 1TB expansion card is not cheap

A few weeks ago, Microsoft officially confirmed the prices of the Xbox Series X/S to be $499 and $299 respectively. The difference between the CPUs of the two consoles is not significant. Both devices use 8-core configurations while the difference in frequency is 0.2GHz. However, the GPU is the major difference between both consoles. The Xbox Series X comes with 52CU, the frequency reaches 1.825GHz, and the performance reaches 12.15TFLOPS. The latter has only 20CU, the frequency hit 1.565GHz, while the performance reaches 4TFLOPS.

Xbox Series X real photos leaked

In other respects, Xbox Series X is equipped with 16GB of video memory, while Xbox Series S uses 10GB. The former focuses on 4K games and the latter focuses on 2K games. In addition, the Series X has a 1TB SSD while the Series S is 512GB. However, the speed is the same at 2.4GB/s.

According to recent reports, although the XSX has a built-in 1TB storage space, the available space for players is 802GB. This data is consistent with the Xbox One X launched in 2017, which has a similar configuration to its 1TB internal hard drive.

The available space on Xbox Series S is still unclear, but obviously, 512GB SSD can not hold many games. Microsoft claims that Xbox Series S games should take up 30% less space than Xbox Series X games.


Seagate storage expansion card is Microsoft’s solution to the lack of space in Xbox Series X and Series S. It supports PCIe 4.0 and can be directly connected to the CPU. However, this storage expansion card is not cheap. According to the supply chain, the suggested retail price of this device in the U.S. is $220. This is almost the retail price of the Xbox Series S. In addition, this expansion card has 920GB of free space.

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Xbox Series X is very fast – early reviews show

According to recent reviews, games on the Xbox Series X began to load three to four times faster. In particular, on Xbox One, the Control game loads in 30-38 seconds, while on XSX it takes only 9-10 seconds, and in the case of Final Fantasy XV, the difference is about six times.

Another impressive feature is the Quick resume. It allows you to quickly switch between several games, while each remains in memory. The switch is not instantaneous – it takes 5-10 seconds – but it’s still much better than what we have now. Interestingly, there is no clear limit to the number of games in memory.

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