BOE is confirmed to supply OLED panels for the iPhone 12 series


For many years now, Apple has provided Samsung Display with a comfortable existence and brilliant financial performance. It all started with the iPhone X, when the company decided to switch to OLED panels; and only the South Korean giant could produce them in the required quantity and, most importantly, of decent quality. Now the Cupertino-based concern purchases the necessary displays on an ongoing basis and even if it does not fulfill its obligations to purchase the required amount, it will pay Samsung the compensation amount.

BOE is confirmed to supply OLED panels for the iPhone 12 series

BOE display

But now other companies can make OLED panels as well. Plus, Apple itself isn’t happy with being dependent on Samsung. Therefore, Apple is looking for a manufacturer to whom it could entrust the delivery of displays to its address. BOE could also be among the alternative suppliers. But in June of this year, it was reported that Apple was unhappy with the quality of the Chinese OLED panels.

But now the information has come that BOE has carried out work on the errors; and as a result, it will supply OLED panels for Apple’s needs. Moreover, its OLED panels will begin to be installed in the iPhone 12. We just have to wait for official confirmation from Apple to be sure to talk about the installation of BOE displays in the iPhone 12.

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BOE aims to catch up and overtake Samsung in flexible OLED panels

Samsung is the world leader in OLED panels, while other companies produce a tiny number of such displays. Initially, OLED displays were used primarily in the products of the South Korean giant, but gradually they began to be sold to third-party companies. As a result, the production of such screens has become a profitable business for Samsung, and it dominates this segment.

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Among the competitors of the South Korean giant in this field, whose share and weight are steadily growing, one can count the Chinese company BOE, whose panels are increasingly being installed in the devices of the Chinese manufacturers.


The growth in product demand is allowing BOE to make ambitious plans. And it has already stated its desire to control 40% of the flexible OLED panel market in 2024. Now, the company counts among its achievements that its share in the market of flexible OLED displays is 20.3%. And it intends to further increase its presence in this segment.

So, it plans that in the near future a third of the world’s production of flexible panels will be produced at its factories located in Sichuan and Chongqing. And in the future, the launch of another production line at a factory in Fuqing.

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  1. Kenya Lee
    October 10, 2020

    No Chinese panel on iPhones. Ain't buying it for sure.