Meizu POP2s True Wireless Headset Announced At 299 Yuan ($45)

Meizu POP2s

This morning, the Meizu POP2s true wireless headset was released. It will go on sale on October 21. These amazing headphones cost 249 yuan ($37) when buying with the Meizu 17 series. But if you only want these headphones, they will cost 299 yuan ($45).

The Meizu POP2s true wireless earphones are very compact in design. They do not have the small tails that are commonly used in true wireless earphones. A single earphone weighs 5.1g, which is insensible to wear and light as nothing.

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Its design is inspired by the golden section curve of Pythagoras. The spiral design makes it perfectly fit the human auricle. At the same time, it has an IPX5 waterproof rating. During sports and fitness, they will remain dry due to the special design.

As for sound quality, the Meizu POP2s adopts a new double-layer structure composite diaphragm design. It has a sufficiently open sound field performance, with far, near, and directional modes.

It is worth mentioning that POP2s is Meizu’s first product to support Flyme. What does this mean? Once you open the charging box, a window will pop up making it very easy to use. So you can enter the state in one second.

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In terms of interaction, tap the surface of the POP2s headset to complete operations such as music playback, incoming call answering, and Aicy voice wake-up. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

What else we can add to the aforementioned features is that it supports dual host synchronous transmission. Thus, the left and right earbuds can be used independently. Due to a number of improvements, these earphones provide 24 hours long battery life. The charging box carries a USB-C interface, which is more convenient for fast charging. At last, these headphones support Bluetooth 5.0.

Generally, the Meizu POP2s is not a top-notch model with outstanding features. But for the price tag it comes at, there are many attractive features. Plus, they really look cool.

Meizu POP2s

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