Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector unveiled in China for just $9

Mi Leak Detector

Xiaomi is pretty well known for its smartphones and wearable devices, but the company is much more than that. You’re familiar with some unconventional solutions like electric scooters, but this is just one of the most popular examples of Xiaomi products. In China, there is a wide array of products for the most varied segments. Unfortunately, a big part of those unconventional products is limited to the Chinese, and the only way to get one of them is by importing. Some of them, aren’t even available for importing. Well, talking about the range of unusual products, we have today a new Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector. The new product comes from Xiaomi Ecological range and has a lot of nice features to justify its existence.

A smart water leak detector that works 24 hours per day

The Xiaomi Mi Leak Detector is an interesting tool that detects water leaks in an ambient. It can either be your home or workplace. It comes with a minimal design that is very characteristic of Xiaomi products.  The device can be used in any part of your residence or office. The better places to use it probably are the kitchen or bathroom since there is a high chance of water leaks there. According to Xiaomi, the device works 24 hours and will notify you on your mobile device whenever it detects a water leakage.

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The product has an elegant “Mi” logo on its top. Xiaomi will sell it in China for a low price tag of 59 Yuan (~$9). Customers in the country will be able to purchase it starting tomorrow October 27. Unfortunately, there aren’t many details regarding the technical specifications of the product right now. We expect more details to emerge tomorrow after the start of the sales. We assume that it has a good battery to ensure Xiaomi’s claims of 24-hours operation. This is just an assumption right now, but we assume that you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network. After all, a simple Bluetooth connection can’t ensure that it will send you information wherever you are.

We believe that this is quite a useful product especially if water leakage is part of your reality. This is a simple product and, honestly, we believe that shouldn’t be too hard for Xiaomi to bring it to other markets. However, only time tell, if the Mi Water Leak Detector will be a China-only product or if it will leave the company’s stronghold to Western countries.

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