US Allegedly Allows Chipmakers To Deal With Huawei

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After the US Ban, things have been ugly for Huawei. First, they were not allowed to sell in the US. Later, they were restricted from buying goods from any US-based company. They also lost their chipset manufacturer, TSMC. It means that Huawei will not be able to use any more Kirin chipsets nor deal with any other US-based chipmakers. The last batch was of Kirin 9000 used on the Mate 40 lineup. Thankfully, a report from Financial Times has arrived hinting that the US has finally allowed Huawei from dealing with chip manufacturers.

It is really big news in-fact. Huawei not selling its product in the US is a issue but Huawei not getting to deal with chipset manufacturers was a bigger deal. It is because China is the main market for Huawei. But without the Kirin chipset, Huawei will lose that too. Hence, the lack of chipset manufacturer is a big deal for Huawei. Companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek tried their best to sell their chips to Huawei. But there was no development done.

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We might see Kirin again

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A chipset manufacturer in talks with Financial Times hints that the companies in recent conversations that wanted licenses to supply Huawei are handled with a view to denial, this can be overcome if you can demonstrate that your technology does not support 5G. This means that there is a chance for Huawei to deal with chipmakers. However, there is one rule involved. Chipmakers will not be able to deal with 5G equipment.

As you may know, Huawei remained the 3rd largest mobile manufacturer in the world. You can imagine how much impact of their investment and dealing would have on the economy. South Korean giant Samsung understands that. And that is why they gave the opportunity to Huawei. Samsung will be supplying OLED Panels to Huawei. And now, finally, Huawei might be able to resolve one major issue of chipsets.

The news is not official as of now. The final words will come from US Department of Commerce. And we will only get assured when their official wording is out. If it’s a green light from the  US Department of Commerce, then be ready to see Kirin back in action. What are your thoughts on this news? Even though if Huawei is able to get its chipset makers back, it won’t be able to use Google services which is another big issue faced by Huawei.


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