Sony PS5 power consumption reaches 200W – no significant increase from the PS4 Pro

Sony PS5

In a few days, the Sony PlayStation 5 will officially launch globally. This gaming console has been on pre-sales and the demand is explosive. The Sony PS5 comes with a top-notch hardware configuration and is compatible with over 99% of PS4 game content. This console is quite attractive and for PlayStation fans, the launch should be the most anticipated moment in recent years. As the launch date (November 12) approaches, more details of its actual use appears online. The latest report on the PlayStation 5 usability is on its power consumption.

Sony PS5

According to the power consumption test, when running “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, the power consumption of the PS5 machine reached 200 watts. If you compare this value to the previous generation, there is no significant increase. The previous PS4 Pro runs the same game at about 150 watts in 4K extreme mode

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Sony PS5 game download speed test

Recently, USgamer did a game download speed test between Sony PS5 and Sony PS4 Pro. For accurate results, both consoles were connected to the same router via a LAN cable. The internet details are Verizon FIOS internet — 756 Mbps down, 939 Mbps up. The game download test considers the time it takes for a game to install fully and playable.

USgamer used two games for the test. It considers one of the games as “small” while the other is “medium-size”. For the small game, it used Disgaea 5 which weighs 6.58GB. However, for the medium size game, it used Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise which weighs 36.6GB. Let’s see the results of both games

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Disgaea 5 (6.58GB)

  • PlayStation 4 Pro – Download time is 10 minutes 42 seconds
  • PlayStation 5 – Download time is 1 minute 58 seconds

It takes about 1 minute to transfer the game to an external hard drive for it to run on both systems.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (36.6GB)

  • PlayStation 4 Pro – Download time is 58 minutes 34 seconds
  • PlayStation 5 – Download time is 7 minute 1 second

We can see that there is a significant difference in the download time between the PS4 Pro and the Sony PS5. For the medium-size game, it reduced from nearly an hour to under ten minutes. This is an amazing drop in terms of download times.

The Sony PS5 will be available in two versions – an optical drive version and a digital version. The specifications of these models are basically the same except for the presence/absence of a CD-ROM. The digital version sells for $399 while the CD-ROM version is priced at $499.

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