Apple MacBook Air (M1 chip) SSD write speed is up to 2190 MB/s: twice the previous model

A few days ago, Apple held the “One More Thing” where the company released a couple of devices. Apple released the Apple Mac miniMacBook Air, and MacBook Pro that uses the new M1 chip and comes with the new macOS Big Sur out-of-the-box. On one hand, M1 looks very good, and it can be regarded as a revolutionary change in the history of Mac development. However, on the other hand, the new Mac based on the M1 chip will experience uncertainty in terms of hardware and software. Recently, the GeekBench assessment of the Apple Mac Air shows that the M1 version performs better than the Intel i9 version. Also, the single-core performance of the Apple Mac Mini (Silicon M1 version) is higher than all Intel Macs.

Apple MacBook Air

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As users begin to receive the new M1 chip Mac, more benchmark tests have also been released. Some users shared a 256GB version of the Apple MacBook Air (M1 chip) SSD benchmark test. The Benchmark test results show that the write speed of the new MacBook Air SSD is approximately twice that of the previous model. This device comes with a write speed of 2190 MB/s and a read speed of 2675 MB/s.

The Apple M1 chip brings some performance improvement to the new Macs. Specifically, the speed improvement is related to the memory controller of the M1 chip and the new flash memory technology.

The storage controller of the M1 chip and advanced flash memory technology accelerate the performance of the solid state drive up to 2 times, and previewing massive pictures or importing large files is faster than before

Google and Apple join 6G group – does not want to be behind China again

The Chinese were the earliest to released 5G devices. The likes of Google and Apple only recently released 5G devices. Nevertheless, they do not hope to be back-benchers again when 6G commences. The two tech giants (Google and Apple) recently joined the “the Next G Alliance”. This is a North American trade group that will hold its first conference next week. ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions), a North American trade association leads “the Next G Alliance”.

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Recall that China has already sent a satellite into space to test 6G signals. This network (6G) should be 100 to 500 times faster than 5G. However, do not expect it any time soon, it is almost a decade away.

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