Sony PS5 console to soon get variable refresh rate support!

Sony PS5

Sony has now launched its much-awaited next-gen PS5 gaming consoles. Back in September, the console was up for pre-order but the stock sold out quickly. On November 12, Sony began the sale of its console in the following markets – US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The sale was then expanded to the UK and the rest of Europe on November 19. The next generation of consoles of course brings several enhancements and additions and that’s true for the rival Microsoft Xbox Series X.

One such feature was the Variable Refresh Rate. While Microsoft brought the feature out-of-the-box, that’s not the case with Sony PS5. Sony has now finally updated all of us on the availability and lack of the Variable Refresh Rate or VRR feature.

Sony to bring VRR feature soon on its all-new PS5 consoles!

The company has recently updated its PS5 FAQ section on its blog and thankfully, the FAQ now talks about the VRR feature. According to the blog, Sony PS5 supports Variable Refresh Rate or VRR through HDMI 2.1. For some unknown reasons, Sony decided to not bring the feature out-of-the-box to its next-gen consoles. To fix this, Sony will unlock the VRR feature via a future system software update. Sadly, there is no concrete timeline on when the update will officially roll out.

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Sony PS5


For those who’re unaware, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) allows the compatible TV to adjust framerate depending on the framerate churning by the console. The Variable Refresh Rate reduces the tearing on the screen. Why does this tearing occur? Suppose the title you are playing is running at 60fps and all of a sudden, the frame rate drops to let’s say 50fps. Well, you will now witness a frame tearing because your connected display is still outputting 60fps.

Variable Refresh Rate feature allows your display to adjust its framerate to that of the title or console resulting in smoother gameplay. Of course, to enjoy this feature, you need to have a compatible or supported television or monitor. Unlike consoles, the VRR feature has been around in the PC Master Race for quite some time now. We have seen two of the key and only VRR tech namely Nvidia’s GSync and AMD’s FreeSync. The tech has now finally made its way to the gaming consoles and that’s indeed a good thing.

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