Gaming phones this year will have either huge batteries or massive fast charging or both

Black Shark 2 Pro

A lot of smartphones this year will be optimized for gaming. This is because most of the flagship chips in the industry come with high gaming performance. Consider the Snapdragon 888 SoC for instance, it is a perfect chip for gaming and most gaming phones in 2021 will use this chip. However, there is more to gaming phones than just the processor. The display performance, the battery performance as well as the sound have to be better than regular smartphones.

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Take the iQOO 7 gaming phone which was released a few days ago for instance. In addition to the Snapdragon 888 SoC, this smartphone comes with a full-sensing control system that regular smartphones will not have. A recent report from @DigitalChatStation shows that gaming phones this year will focus on battery and fast charging. He listed three upcoming phones and their battery specs as follows

  • Black Shark 4 – 120W + dual-cell equivalent to 4500mAh
  • Red Magic 6 – 120W + dual-cell equivalent to 4500mAh
  • ROG 4 – 60W/65W + dual-cell equivalent to 6000 mAh±

These are quite massive and we will be getting a full charge in about 20 minutes. Even the ROG 4 with 60W/65W fast charging for a 6000 mAh battery may still get a full charge in 20 munites since it is a dual-cell battery.

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For iQOO 7, the only gaming phone in the market so far, it follows the same trend. This smartphone comes with a 4000 mAh battery but the “small” battery size is compensated with a 120W fast charging. According to a recent test, the iQOO 7 gets a full charge (from 1% to 100%) in 14 minutes. In 5 minutes, this smartphone gets over 50% power which is quite interesting.

iQOO 7 gaming features

The processor is not the only feature that classifies a phone as a gaming phone. Taking a look at the iQOO 7, it comes with a 120Hz full-sensing screen, with a 1000Hz instant touch sampling rate and a 300Hz touch reporting rate. It also supports four refresh rate application scenarios. The maximum brightness can reach 1300 nits and it supports 4096 levels of brightness adjustment.  Furthermore, this phone comes with SGS low blue light and HDR10+ high dynamic range certifications. All these are features that many regular (non-gaming) phones will not have.

Another selling point of this handset is its full-sensing control system. The full-sensing control system includes an under-screen dual-control pressure sensing, dual-line motor, as well as a dual speaker. Among them, the dual-control pressure sensitivity under the screen can map the two operating areas of the screen to any position in the game according to the user’s preferences. In addition, the dual-line motor supports two vibration units to build a sense of orientation and layering of vibration; the loudness of dual speakers is as high as 71.5dB.

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