iPhone 13 Rumors Known Till The Date: January 2021

iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 series has been announced just a couple of months ago. But people are already curious what a look and what new features the upcoming iPhone 13 models will come with.

A well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that this year’s iPhone will have three variants: iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In fact, last year, before the release of the iPhone 12, there have been rumors about the iPhone 13 as well. So there is every reason to think the rumors about the iPhone 13 will only increase in time. But as for now, we have decided to summarize what we have at the moment.

Release date: iPhone 13 should arrive in mid-September

So far, there is no official or unofficial news about when we can see Apple’s next-generation iPhone. However, we can predict the release date of the iPhone to a certain extent. Of course, affected by the epidemic, 2020 is an accident. But this year, Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple’s supply chain will work according to the plan. In this case, we are expected to see the release of iPhone 13 at an event in September.

  • Apple likes to hold press conferences on Tuesday or Wednesday;
  • The iPhone’s launch date is usually a week and a half after the press conference;
  • Generally speaking, a new generation of iPhone will be available on Friday, in the third week of September.
  • According to the 2021 calendar, the release date of the iPhone 13 this year may be September 8, September 17.

Name: The next generation iPhone may not be called “iPhone 13”

The final official name is still unknown. We have heard that Apple may skip the number “13”.

For this reason, “iPhone 12S” is a potential candidate name, just like the iPhone 6S in 2015 and the iPhone XS in 2018. If there is no major design improvement, then the 2021 iPhone is likely to be positioned as an enhanced version of the iPhone 12.

However, Apple may follow Samsung’s example and name the new phone in the following way – “iPhone 2021” or “iPhone XXI”. But Apple may also take another approach and name it in a quite different way.

Price: The price of iPhone 13 may be the same as iPhone 12, or even lower

The iPhone 12 series includes four products with different prices. Coupled with differences in operators and storage configurations, prices are also different. At the time of launch, the price of the standard iPhone 12 carrier model was US$799, an increase of US$100 over the 2019 iPhone 11, largely due to the addition of 5G support. According to the current situation, the iPhone 13 is not expected to have such a major technological upgrade. So analysts believe that the price structure in 2021 will be similar.

iPhone 12 prices

There is speculation that Apple may consider reducing the price of its next-generation smartphone products. In the economic downturn, several competitors have launched more affordable models in 2020, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE and Google Pixel 5. The prices of these two models are the same as the iPhone 12 Mini, but are about $100 lower than the iPhone 12.

Gizchina News of the week

Apple may determine the price of iPhone 13 based on iPhone 12 sales. Currently, the iPhone 12 sales momentum is good: in October, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro ranked first and second respectively in the world’s best-selling 5G smartphones.

Design: It may look familiar

There are currently no iPhone 13 renders or leaked videos. But we don’t expect any major changes to the iPhone’s design in 2021, because the iPhone has undergone a considerable redesign in 2020. In terms of size, Apple shouldn’t make any changes.

The screen size of the rumored iPhone 13:

  • iPhone 13 Mini: 5.4 inches
  • iPhone 13: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

Anyways, two potential design elements have caused some hot discussions: narrower bangs or screen with no bangs at all, and the elimination of the “Lightning Port”.

Camera: New photography techniques and technologies

In 2020, the iPhone has carried out some quite popular camera upgrades, especially the Pro Max models. It came with LIDAR and ProRaw for iOS users. In terms of photography, the iPhone 12 even stole the limelight of Google Pixel.

According to estimates, the iPhone 13 will have better zoom capabilities. For last year’s iPhone 12, one of the weak points is the zoom technology. The iPhone 12 Pro Max only has 2.5x optical zoom. In contrast, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra provides 100x zoom (a hybrid of optical and digital).

iPhone 13

There are reports that the iPhone 13 may include a periscope camera. It will bring a larger zoom range. In addition, there are reports that all four iPhone 13 models may include LIDAR technology. It was introduced to the iPhone in 2020, but only for Pro and Pro Max models.

In addition, we have heard that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models will support a refresh rate of 120Hz. In contrast, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 only support a 60Hz refresh rate.

Finally, iPhone 13 may re-support Touch ID technology. As early as 2019, there were reports that the beloved Touch ID may return in 2020. But this did not happen. Today, people still expect it to make a comeback in 2021.

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