Redmi K40 may not have a charger in the box – packaging box appears online

In recent times, the trend in the smartphone industry is removing the charger from the box. However, it appears that only major manufacturers are following this trend for now. First, it was the iPhone 12 series that removed the charger from the box. Then, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 11 without a charger in some markets. Like the Xiaomi Mi 11, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series also do not have a charger in some markets. Now, recent reports show that the Redmi K40 may not also come with a charger in the box.

Redmi K40

For the first time, we saw the packaging box of the Redmi K40. The image is from the company’s vice president and general manager, Lu Weibing. According to his Weibo post, there are two versions – one is thick and the other is thin. Looking at the images, the thick box probably has a charger in it while the thin box does not.

Lu Weibing said, “Thick or thin? This is a difficult choice. Ask everyone for your opinion…We know that Xiaomi Mi 11 has launched two packaging versions, one is to send the charger (gallium nitride charger), the other is not, and the price of the two is the same, so I guess Redmi K40 may also adopt this solution”.

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It appears that Redmi is seeking the opinion of buyers. There is also the possibility that Redmi will adopt both versions for different markets. As of now, we can not absolutely tell if the Redmi K40 will not come with a charger.

From the speculations so far, the Redmi K40 will come with the Snapdragon 888 SoC. The official starting price of this smartphone is 2,999 yuan ($463) and it will also come with a 4000 mAh battery. There is no information on the fast charging capacity for now. According to reports, the Redmi K40 screen will be an OLED display made of Samsung E4 luminescent materials, which supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. This phone will also use LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory.

Regarding the Redmi Note 10, Lu Weibing also had information for netizens. He revealed that the Redmi Note 10 is coming soon. Unfortunately, “coming soon” is all he had to reveal. Obviously, this is not enough for enthusiasts who are eagerly waiting for this device. From the on-going trend, the Redmi Note 10 may also not have a charger in the box.

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