Woman orders iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple, receives Apple-flavored Yogurt Drink

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max can be considered the high-tier iPhone of 2020. It certainly is the holy grail for many Apple enthusiasts around the globe. It isn’t a cheap device, as you can imagine. The device sits at the top of the Apple iPhone 12 family but also tries to bring the best experience as a true flagship. The device, as well as other flagships, can be considered a luxury product in these tough times of pandemic. For that reason, when spending money on costlier smartphones, we need to be really careful and aware of scams around the web. Just imagine spending your precious and hard-earned money to purchase your desired device and when it reaches your home it’s nothing besides a huge scam. That’s exactly what happened to a woman in China. The worst part is that she has purchased the device through a “truly-official” channel.

According to a port from Weibo, a woman paid a hefty amount for an iPhone 12 Pro Max but received some sort of Apple-Flavored Yogurt Drink on her mail. She explained that she spent more than $1,500 to buy the new iPhone. However, the biggest and surprising fact is that she placed the order on Apple’s official website and not through a third-party reseller. She was shocked to discover that her iPhone 12 Pro Max was replaced with the drink. Putting an Apple-flavored drink certainly was a joke made by the scammer.

She didn’t receive her iPhone 12 Pro Max but received an Apple-flavored Yogurt drink

The woman called Liu, says that the parcel was not delivered directly to her door. She opted for the delivery to arrive in the parcel locker where she lived. Apple and Express Mail Service, the official courier claim that the iPhone 12 Pro Max was delivered to the said location. However, Liu exclaims that she never received the iPhone and instead an Apple-flavored yogurt drink was delivered. While no one knows when the theft occurred, the case has been filed with the local police.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple and local courier company are investing the case

According to a report from Global Times, the Express Mail Service has also hired dedicated people to investigate the matter. The investigation is still going on and Apple has also shared a similar response to the Global Times inquiry. The company says that the iPhone 12 Pro Max case will be resolved pretty soon.

As we said before, Apple devices above all other flagships are classified as premium. Their value take a time to decrease, so it’s a good item for reselling. There have been many instances where Apple devices were stolen. Now, the Apple-flavored yogurt case is just another case on the list. Hopefully, the situation will be solved soon, and Liu will receive her desired smartphone.

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