Microsoft testing new Xbox Game Streaming app for xCloud


Some years ago, we didn’t imagine that game streaming would really become a thing other than a futuristic-concept. However, many companies in the industry already proved that it is truly possible. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and NVIDIA, already have their own game streaming platforms and the list is set to grow in the coming years. Microsoft, which has a huge presence in the home console segment, is now investing a lot of its resources to make its former xCloud, now Xbox Cloud Gaming, platform feasible to more customers. In fact, the giant of technology is working hard to deliver a huge portfolio of gaming services, and the cloud gaming platform will certainly be one of the leading services.

Microsoft will improve the experience with an Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows

Considering the fact that Xbox Series X units are quite scarce around the world, the company is working to push its Xbox Cloud Gaming platform forward as a valid alternative. It certainly has some limitations, but Microsoft is working to reduce them with some improvements. One of these improvements is the fact that Microsoft is making a Windows app called Xbox Game Streaming. This Windows app not only will allow you to stream your games from the cloud and deliver the xCloud experience to devices and computers running Windows 10. The app will also allow you to stream games from your own consoles as well if you have either an Xbox Series S or an Xbox Series X. Of course, the last feature isn’t stable yet.

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The application isn’t new and it was first uncovered last year in a worse state. So, Microsoft seems to be actively working on it to make it viable. It will bring the xCloud experience to Windows PCs, and will also be compatible with ARM devices. Hence, players will be able to play games on your always-connected laptop or tablet as well. This app will also pack in features such as touch support and gyro support.

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The second improvement will bring 1080p streaming support

The second improvement being worked on by Microsoft is 1080p streaming support. So far, xCloud streaming is limited to 720p. It quite fits on small displays and smartphones, but it can be a problem on big displays. The 1080p streaming will allow better quality for your gaming experience if your internet connection allows it. Interestingly, 1080 streaming is already available on other platforms like Google Stadio. So, Microsoft needs to run and push this technology for its customers.

Worth noting that the company is doing several changes in its server infrastructure. So far, it is based on Xbox One architecture, but the company will switch to Xbox Series X Architecture later this year.


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