A User Apologizes For Posting Negative Reviews For Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi MI 10 Ultra

Not long ago, a man was sued by Xiaomi for maliciously criticizing the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The court required the man to apologize to Xiaomi in the newspaper. This matter attracted widespread attention on the Internet.

Today, the man did what the court required. The details are as follows:

Apology statement

On August 17, 2020, I gave false negative comments on the order of two Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra mobile phones on the JD platform. After the judgment of the Yuhuatai District Court of Nanjing City (Case No. (2021) Su 0114 Minchu No. 1430), I have to say that I had published false product reviews constitute an infringement of Xiaomi’s reputation. I am deeply aware of the error and sincerely apologize.

What Happened

A year ago, on August 11, Zhang purchased two Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra phones and published two product reviews on August 17. One of them reads: “I own this model for a week and it has managed to crash eight times. Also, when playing the mobile phone gets hot at least at 50°C. Although the charging speed is very fast, the power consumption is very fast as well. There will be no power in the phone after two hours.”

The other review reads: “The battery life is not good. After a week of use, it is severely hot, very lagging, unclear when taking pictures, slow charging, and the phone is not waterproof.”

Gizchina News of the week

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

The court found that Zhang received the mobile phone on the 16th, but did not use it for a week. As for the other mobile phone, he even didn’t open it and sold it immediately. So it turns out the buyer just put pejorative comments and reviews playing with the reputation of the company. Actually, many users reposted his comments and reviews for many times.

After removing these comments from JD and publishing an apology, Zhang also paid 30,000 yuan ($4639) as compensation.

A Similar Case With Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

Interestingly, recently, a blogger has had to pay over $150,000 to Xiaomi for leaking the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra ahead of the launch.

In the letter of apology, Gu Xuyang, head of the publishing house adds “This case was arbitrated by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and it was determined that my actions had violated the confidentiality agreement and caused serious consequences. Xiaomi should be compensated reasonably. I accept the arbitration. As a result, I am willing to take the corresponding responsibility. At the same time, because of the harm that my breach of contract caused to Xiaomi, I would like to extend my sincere sincere thanks to Xiaomi, Mr. Lei Jun, and the employees of Xiaomi who have given me great trust and all Mi Fans. I apologize, sorry.”

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  1. Guest
    July 14, 2021

    Customer sued for bad review. Okay. When will they be sued for the leak of updates for the same model? If that guy has no proof, i have. And, it's a flagship, for Christ sakes…

  2. Arnaud Blaszkowski Carrusca
    July 14, 2021

    You need to enable to option : receive early update or something like that. The last firmware for global Mi10 is from may 31th 2021

  3. Cyril Dieudonne
    July 15, 2021

    you meant "the lack of update"?

    I own a Mi10 Ultra. And you are right, it is a flagship. But you are wrong, the last security update is 2021-05-01.
    So I don't know what's the issue with yours. I guess the global version is shitted.
    since you use your phone in EN, you better use the CN rom and set EN locale.

    It's up to date and is way better than the Global.