An NBA coach punished the team because one player had an Android smartphone

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I don’t think it’s worth recalling the fact that the United States is the main market of Apple and it is there that a large army of its fans, who willingly purchase its devices. Some have even brought it into a cult and worship its gadgets. Among the zealous fans was the former head coach of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Jason Kidd, who, as it turned out, did not tolerate Android smartphone users.

The story took place back in 2014, when the whole team suffered for the fact that one of the club’s players – former Bucks center Thon Maker – had a smartphone on Android. For the chats between the players of the club, the iMessage service was used, which revealed the fact that one of the basketball players was using a smartphone from the enemy camp. It caused an error in the team’s group chats by using an Android instead of an iPhone.

An NBA coach punished the team because one player had an Android smartphone

“At one point center Thon Maker didn’t have an iPhone, messing up the team’s blue-bubble iPhone group chat,” the book excerpt read. “Kidd was upset about it and made the team run because Kidd felt that Maker not getting an iPhone was an example of the team not being united.”

Kidd was a strict, hard-nosed coach with the Bucks from 2014-18 and brought an interesting coaching tactic that punished the rest of a team for a single player’s mistake. If a player slipped up during practice; then Kidd would make every other player run sprints; while the player who made the mistake had to watch from the sideline.

The tactic would instill physical punishment on the team to encourage players to hold each other accountable; while using psychological punishment on individual players to promote a more urgent mental focus.

During Kidd’s four-year tenure in Milwaukee from 2014-18, the Bucks went a combined 139-152; and never advanced past the first round of the playoffs before he was fired halfway through the 2017-18 season.

Google is developing a special application for the transition from iOS to Android

Smartphones running Android and iOS have loyal fans who are not ready for experiments; but many users from time to time feel the desire to evaluate a new gadget with a different operating system. For such people, Google is developing a special application; that makes it easy to transfer data from an iPhone to a device with an alternative OS.

As the team of the 9to5google portal found out; after decompiling a new version of the Data Recovery application for Android; Google is developing Switch to Android software for the Apple App Store.

Decompilation helped predict new features in iOS software. Since the developers did not make any official announcements; it is possible that the app will not see the light of day in the near future. Nevertheless, the code mentions not only the application that has not yet been released for download, but also its functionality.

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