iPhone 13 series is cheapest and most expensive in these regions

iPhone 13 series

Apple officially released the iPhone 13  series yesterday. This series includes the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone  13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the starting price of these smartphones varies in different regions. Are you planning to buy iPhone 13? If the answer is yes, then you must not buy in Brazil, because this South American region once again has the most expensive iPhone 13 in the world.

iPhone 13

A new report from Nukeni shows all the sales prices on Apple’s website in each country and region, including the tax price of the iPhone 13 without a SIM card. It needs to be stated that some U.S. states do not charge any taxes (such as Delaware), which is why the region is listed as the cheapest option.

In addition, to be fair, Brazil is usually the most expensive country and region in this survey. However, it may be more expensive to buy a new iPhone in Turkey, depending on the model or storage version. In Brazil, customers have become accustomed to these prices due to high taxes and poor currency exchange rates (1 U.S. dollar equals 5.26 reais). Even so, these prices are about $100 cheaper than last year’s iPhone.

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iPhone 13 mini – 128GB

Cheapest area

  • United States: $729
  • Hong Kong, China: $771.27
  • Canada: $785.28
  • Thailand: $785.80
  • Japan: $791.52

Most expensive area

  • Turkey: $1301.56
  • Brazil: $1256.21
  • Sweden: $998.42
  • Hungary: $995.29
  • Italy: $990.52

iPhone 13 – 128GB

Cheapest area

  • United States: $829
  • Hong Kong, China: $874.13
  • Japan: $900.95
  • Thailand: $909.40
  • Canada: $924.34
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Most expensive area

  • Brazil: $1446.57
  • Turkey: $1419.90
  • Sweden: $1137.82
  • Norway: $1132.10
  • Hungary: $1130.25

iPhone 13 Pro – 128GB

Cheapest area

  • United States: $999
  • Hong Kong, China: $1092.69
  • United States: $1113.89
  • Japan: $1119.81
  • United Arab Emirates: $1143.05

Most expensive area

  • Turkey: $1893.24
  • Brazil: $1808.26
  • India: $1627.88
  • Hungary: $1433.91
  • Denmark: $1428.77

iPhone 13 Pro Max-128GB

Cheapest area

  • United States: $1099.00
  • Hong Kong, China: $1208.41
  • United States: $1225.39
  • Japan: $1,229.24
  • South Korea: $1270.97

Most expensive area

  • Turkey: $2129.91
  • Brazil: $1998.63
  • India: $1,763.65
  • Hungary: $1568.87
  • Sweden: $1,567.63

And if you need that new, shiny iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage space, you can pay $1,599 in the United States. However, this same model in Brazil will cost up to $2,950.45. In short, if you want a new iPhone 13 mini or a regular model, the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, and Japan usually have the cheapest offers. If you don’t want to pay as much as twice the price of a mobile phone, you should avoid Brazil, Turkey, Sweden, Hungary, or Italy. These areas have the highest prices. The fluctuation in prices of the iPhone 13 series is no fault of Apple’s. In many cases, the internal laws of the region drive up the price of any commodity coming from outside the region.

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