Galaxy Z Flip 3 risk of being left without repair warranty due to a fall counter

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

After a thorough examination of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, it was found that the user runs the risk of being left without a warranty if the smartphone is dropped. There is one condition – a fall from a height of more than 1 meter. A logical question is, how does the manufacturer know from what height the Galaxy Z Flip 3 jumped? It turned out that Samsung had thought of this moment and the accelerometer would come to the rescue.

One of the enthusiasts examined the Galaxy Z Flip 3 firmware and found a special algorithm there that is responsible for registering falls. It records all cases of falls of the device from a height of more than one meter, and the service center employees can subsequently read the logs with information. The enthusiast suggested that the implementation of such an algorithm was not accidental. The manufacturer may refuse to provide warranty service for the device, citing the fall of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. At the same time, it does not matter what surface the smartphone landed on; and does not take into account the moment that an extreme user can toss the smartphone into the air.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

The enthusiast advised the owners of a brand new foldable smartphone to handle it very carefully and avoid any falls. Even on a sofa or a bed. Moreover, there is already a precedent. So, one of the users in South Korea was denied a warranty repair in September this year. Then the user turned to the service center with a complaint about a cracked display in the place of the fold.

Logs in the smartphone recorded three cases of falling of the smartphone from a height of more than 1 meter; with their correspondante date. He was denied a free warranty repair.

There is a possibility that the mechanism for fixing falls was implemented in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as well. Therefore, all owners of new foldable Samsung smartphones can be recommended to be extremely careful; and avoid any falls of devices so as not to lose the warranty if something goes wrong.

In audust, the South Korean company Samsung held the Galaxy Unpacked event, during which the official presentation of the new devices took place. One of them is the Galaxy Z Flip 3 clamshell smartphone, which has become more productive compared to the previous model, and also received an updated design of the camera block and the external screen.

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  1. stoffrld
    October 7, 2021

    wish I could afford the fold model. $1800 beyond my reach.