iPhone 13 Series Lead Times Shrank A Lot

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In a couple of days, in many markets, the Holiday shopping season will begin. This also means all brands should stock up. Obviously, there will be more customers in comparison to other months. So all businesses always try not to go out of stock during this season. This is also true for Apple. Its latest model the iPhone 13 has the longest lead time. But if the Cupertino-based company wants to generate more sales, it should send all available units to the stores.

Recently, when talking about the iPhone 13 and its lead time, AppleInsider said that it is not an accurate indicator of the current demand. But the lead time can be used to measure the balance between supply and demand.

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As for today, Chatterjee said that the lead times for the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13, the 13 Pro, and the 13 Pro Max, have shrunk to 5, 5, 23, and 23 days, respectively. Though this is can’t still satisfy, the new lead times are shorter than those a week earlier. As a reminder, in the previous week, the lead times for the mentioned models were 8, 10, 26, and 26 days, respectively.

iPhone 13 Lead Time

If you are not familiar with this term, in simple words, it means you will wait less before your iPhone 13 arrives at your doors. As for specific models, if you buy an iPhone 13, you’d need to wait around five days for the purchase to complete and ship out to you.

However, there is still no official information on when the iPhone 13 models will return to the stores. Moreover, we can’t make assumptions based on the shortened lead times. We mean if they are shortened for the current week, there is no guarantee they will continue this trend in the coming weeks as well. But as Chatterjee said, this is a good way to evaluate the company’s efforts for handling the ongoing chip shortages.

The chip shortage problem touched all industries. The smartphone business is no exception. Moreover, Apple is no exception. But though the iPhone 13 sales suffered a lot from this problem, The Wall Street Journal thinks “that some supply chain problems could be showing the early signs of recovery.” But it’s too early to think this problem will be solved soon. According to various analyses, it will continue for at least a year. So customers should take this into consideration and behave accordingly.

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