iPhone 13 Will Be Manufactured In India Starting February 2022

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India is the world’s second-largest market. This status is a powerful weapon in the hands of the country. That’s why the Indian government does everything to benefit its citizens. We mean there are strict restrictions concerning almost all fields (for manufacturers). So if a company or a brand wants to do business there, it should know this is not a “magic ground”. They have to come to terms with many conditions. Even Apple is not an exception. We know that the Cupertino-based company has been making iPhones locally for several years. Today, the Economic Times reported that the iPhone 13 will be manufactured in India starting February 2022. So let’s dig into the details of this deal.

As the source claims, Apple has already brought the required amount of semiconductor chips. So the mass production of the iPhone 13 should be smooth. Moreover, the company has already begun the trial production of this model in Foxconn’s plant near Chennai. By the way, at this plant, Apple also manufactures the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

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However, the Foxconn plant in Chennai is not the only one. The American company manufactures the iPhone SE in the Wistron facility in Bengaluru. According to some estimations, in this plant, Apple manufactures about 70% of the iPhones. Of course, we are talking only about those that are sold in India.

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Though most of the iPhones produced in India go on sale locally, not all units are for India. With such a policy, Apple is able to control the prices in this market and offer the iPhones at a lower and/or competitive price. We mean India is the world’s second-largest market but it doesn’t boast of high incomes. On contrary, as we know, Apple makes only premium products. They cost way more. So a local production could solve some pain points. The same is true for the iPhone 13. The local production not only allows the company to make them more affordable but also helps boost the supply overseas.

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Interestingly, Apple is not going to produce all models of the latest series in India. We mean though the production of the vanilla version of the iPhone 13 will begin in India next February, the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are not in plans. Moreover, the Cupertino firm didn’t provide any details why only the original model will be made locally. We could think that it’s related to the demand. But various reports prove that the Pro models are the bestselling models.

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