Apple may consider eliminating the iPhone charging port altogether


For a long time, Apple’s use of the Lightning charging interface has attracted much attention. The European Union and many countries are urging Apple to switch to the unified charging interface Type-C. Previously, the more hands-on science and engineering students did their own magic modification of the iPhone X Type-C version and recently exposed a privately modified version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Type-C charging port. Both situations implicitly suggest that Apple officials can key into USB Type-C charging.


However, Apple still has a fluke mentality and does not want to adjust the charging interface. Nevertheless, because it cannot refuse the requirements of regulatory agencies in various countries, Apple is actually buying itself time. The company is using various methods and reasons to delay the implementation of adjustments.

In fact, there are now reports that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO may even consider eliminating the iPhone charging port altogether. Recently, there were reports that Apple is considering completely canceling the charging interface of the iPhone. In the future, the iPhone may only use wireless charging.

Although there are no official reports regarding this report, there is a high probability that this could happen. Here are the following reasons why it could

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  1. The policies of various countries/regions require a unified charging interface
  2. Cancelling the charging port can provide more internal space for the iPhone
  3. The cost of adjusting to Type-C will be higher
  4. The application of wireless charging technology is now mature
  5. Apple’s own wireless charging hardware layout is basically complete


Wireless charging era

It is most likely that the iPhone charging interface will be eliminated sooner or later. Whether it is an iOS or Android device, wireless charging technology is bound to be the charging direction in the future. We will eventually usher in the era of wireless charging.

In the wireless charging era, the development will be a bit slow. In China, although wireless charging technology is as high as 120W, there is a law that prevents the use of wireless charging technology above 50W. This is already a bottleneck on the development of wireless charging.

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As for Apple, it is lagging behind in wireless charging technology as with its general charging technology. Its latest iPhone 13 series only supports about 15W theoretically. Practically, the iPhone 13 series supports just 12W wireless charging. With this technology, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully charge the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is quite disappointing in a smartphone industry where most flagships get a full charge within 30 minutes.

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