Apple Photography Contest Winners Announced: iPhone 13 Pro Rocks

iPhone 13 pro shooting

The iPhones have never shown off their camera parameters. The Cupertino-based company upgraded the camera hardware on the iPhone 13 Pro only recently. However, everyone knows that all Apple iPhone products provide users with outstanding shooting performance. Thus, it’s not about hardware only. We mean software and algorithms play a huge role in imaging. And this is where the iPhone 13 really shows off.

When talking about the cameras of the iPhone 13 series, we should note the ability to take macro shots. Due to a redesigned lens and autofocus system, the Pro variants can focus on objects at 2 centimeters. In effect, the iPhone 13 Pro is capable of taking outstanding photos, and this is especially true for macro shots.

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So Apple has decided to hold a contest recently. In the frame of the contest, the iPhone 13 owners could submit their best macro photos. Earlier this week, the company announced the winners’ names. Let’s see who won and why. Frankly, all nominees have taken stunning photos. So we can admit that the iPhone 13 is a true camera phone.

iPhone 13 Photo Contest Winners

there were myriads of photos submitted by the iPhone 13 users. Apple chose 10 winning photos. Also, the company explained why this or that photo won.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Shots

“Sea Glass” by Guido Cassanelli (

ipHone 13 Pro Max camera sample

“Sea glass is eroded by thousands of miles traveling around the oceans to the shores of the world. I was walking on the beach enjoying a beautiful sunset, and decided to collect some of these small pieces of sea glass to give macro photography on iPhone 13 Pro Max a try. It looks like something strange is happening inside the one placed in the center — it looks like amber. I really love that texture.”

“Hidden Gem” (water bead in leaf) by Jirasak Panpiansin (@joez19).

iPhone 13 Pro Max camera sample

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“This tiny, shimmering liquid jewel is delicately nestled at the base of a leaf after a tropical storm, almost imperceptible to the human eye. However, its true brilliance shines through the lens of iPhone — up close, it sparkles with intense clarity, capturing light from the emerging sun and magnifying the intricate, organic geometry of the leaf’s veins underneath. This is nature encapsulated: a world of beauty and wonder made minuscule.”

iPhone 13 Pro Shots

“The Cave” (hibiscus) by Marco Colletta (@marcolletta.1).

iPhone 13 Pro camera sample

“The enveloping shape of the petals, accentuated by intense shadows, made me think of a deep cave, ready to be explored; by keeping the point of view inside the flower, I wanted the hibiscus’s natural framing to make us feel fully part of its beauty. When I first learned about macro mode, I thought it was one more cool new feature I was excited to get with my new iPhone 13 Pro. But when I started exploring its possibilities, I really started loving it. I discovered it gives me the possibility to turn nearly everything I see into an abstract subject, different from what it is in reality. This feature really did unlock my imagination.”

“Leaf Illumination” by Trevor Collins (

iPhone 13 Pro camera sample

“Volcanic Lava” (sunflower) by Abhik Mondal (@abhik_mondal_photos).

iPhone 13 Pro camera sample

“After buying the new iPhone 13 Pro in December, I was amazed with its macro feature and started capturing different objects, including flowers, insects, plants, and more. One day, during a regular evening walk, I went to a grocery store, where I noticed a bouquet of flowers. This beautiful sunflower caught my attention with its intricate details, including the presence of contrasting colors from the center toward the edge of the petals. I immediately decided to take the bouquet home and capture the beauty of it.”

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