Huawei recruits “chip experts” for the second time this year

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Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is constantly improving its capacity in the technology space. The company is seizing any opportunity to improve its game in the tech industry. Identifying the lacuna in the Russian tech space, Huawei is currently on a hiring spree in Russia. The latest report on Huawei’s recruitment reveals that the company has released the “Genius Boys” recruitment plan. This is the second time this year that Huawei has issued a “Genius Boys” call order to the world. The aim of this recruitment plan is to attract outstanding talents. Judging from the recruitment requirements, Huawei wants to accelerate the speed of tackling key areas such as chips. This means that Huawei is technically recruiting talents that have the tendency of becoming chip experts.

Huawei recruits "chip experts"

Zhou Xibing, a researcher at Soft Power Research Center of Chinese Local Enterprises, said in an interview with the Securities Daily: “Huawei urgently needs a group of subversive talents who dare to break the routine to break through the various bottlenecks caused by ‘blocking’. Huawei search for a ‘genius boy’ must be quicker and tighter.” The company badly need chip experts but poaching is not an option.

Zhou Xibing believes that Huawei is already a setter and participant in the ICT industry standards. If Huawei wants to continue to lead the development of the industry, it must ensure that there are continuous additions of outstanding talents. Therefore, the recruitment of “genius boys” is particularly important. Although Huawei is already in the first echelon of the industry, only higher salaries and supporting incentive systems can retain and absorb more talents. Otherwise, it may even lead to the proliferation of its own advanced technologies due to brain drain. Huawei can not afford to lose the chip experts that it already has.

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Huawei wants chip experts – fields in short supply

Judging from the recruitment website, most of Huawei’s talent recruitment is in the fields of materials, chips, and intelligent manufacturing. Most of the chips in these fields are currently in short supply. According to the “Report on the Development of Talents in China’s Integrated Circuit Industry (2020-2021 Edition”), it is expected that around 2023, the demand for talents in the entire industry will reach about 766,500, of which the talent gap will reach 200,000. However, the corresponding number of integrated circuit professionals trained by Chinese companies, colleges and universities is less than 30,000 per year. This means that there will be a huge talent gap in the chip industry. This will eventually result in serious competition for talents in the chip industry.

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In addition, the demand for talents in the field will reach 9 million, and the talent gap will be 4.5 million. Hu Houkun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, said at the 5th Digital China Construction Summit that the current digital talent gap in China has exceeded 11 million. In the next three years, Huawei will cultivate more than 3 million new computing talents. These have the potential of becoming chip experts.

Despite the talent shortage, Huawei does not intend to lower the bar. Huawei’s “Genius Boys” have requirements for the number of papers in top international journals. They must have outstanding and rich commercial achievements in research directions. The applicants will need to rank well in well-known competitions and they will have to go through 7 rounds of interviews.

Huawei “Genius Boys” was first launched in 2019

After the ban on Huawei by the U.S. in 2019, Ren Zhengfei launched the “Genius Boys” recruitment plan. The highest annual salary for successful applicants is 2.01 million yuan ($298,000). The salary of these people is several times higher than the market. In the past two years alone, about 26,000 outstanding fresh graduates have joined Huawei. Of these numbers, over 300 are “Genius Boys”.

According to Chen Lifang, executive supervisor of Huawei, “genius boy” is a label before entering Huawei. After entering Huawei, a “genius boy” cannot be a boy forever. In the end, it depends on the actual value and contribution. The expectation is that the “genius boys” will become “chip experts”.

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