CyberOne Humanoid Robot Learns New Skills Every Day

Xiaomi CyberOne

Do we need robots? Do humans need their help? If we should tell them what to do, it’s useless. So they should have their intelligence. If they have intelligence, why will they serve us? Won’t they try to do the same with us what we want from them? Won’t they make us their servants? We guess they will. But before they reach such a state, there is a long way to go. Several companies, including Tesla and Xiaomi, are already taking the first steps. The Tesla Optimus and Xiaomi CyberOne have already been demonstrated. And both humanoid robots look very attractive.

Cyberone is a new member of the Xiaomi robot Cyber ​​family, following the Xiaomi bionic quadruped robot CyberDog.

According to a Xiaomi executive, the intelligence and mechanical capabilities behind CyberOne are all self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab. It includes countless software, hardware, and algorithm development work.

However, such robots come with AI. (This is what we were talking about at the beginning of the article.) So similar products like kids – they learn new skills every day. (Unlike humans, they have almost unlimited capabilities.)

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CyberOne Is Becoming Smarter With Every New Day

Well, a Xiaomi executive said that the robot comes with Xiaomi’s self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module, which is combined with an AI interaction algorithm. So it not only has complete 3D space perception ability but also can realize character identification, gesture recognition, and expression recognition.

In other aspects, Cyberone can support holding 1.5kg heavy objects with one hand.

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Cyberone is also a humanoid robot with a developed cerebellum and super athletic ability.

However, making such robots has a certain goal – Xiaomi wants to connect people and all things. Thus, from IoT and AIoT, we are moving towards something new. In this regard, Lei Jun said: “We believe that in the future, intelligent robots will definitely enter people’s lives.”

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