Oops, Microsoft accidentally revealed Windows 12 new interface!

Microsoft shared a screenshot of an unnamed Windows user interface at its Ignite 2022 conference. Thus, the Redmond company might have shown a preview of the Windows 12 UI.

Microsoft launched its new Surface PC lineup at the Ignite 2022 conference. However, an image showcasing a variant of the company’s flagship OS that the users were still unaware of, has caught attention. Is it a Windows 12 sneak peek?

Microsoft revealed the initial design of Windows 12

Source: Microsoft

When it comes to breaking news regarding the upcoming release of Windows, it is Windows Central that does it best. The website examined this image that was in use to illustrate the Microsoft Teams application during the presentation. After saying that Windows 12 might launch in 2024. Due to the image’s poor quality, a model was designed to accurately demonstrate what we saw.

The illustration in question shows a new UI. It does not look like the Windows user interface that is currently familiar to us. As a result, the floating taskbar is located in the lower portion of the screen. While system icons are located in the right corner. The floating search field is available in the top center. And the weather appears in the upper left corner of the image.

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Windows 12
Source: Zac Bowden – Windowscentral

Windows Central re-drawn the design. Because they had already seen an internal presentation of a similar Windows 12 interface prototype with a similar layout. Therefore, while the image above may not be an exact representation of the new UI. It does serve as a statement of what Microsoft teams hope to accomplish with the upcoming release. Which has the codename “NextValley.”

A touch-friendly user interface

Microsoft has been working to make the Windows UI as user-friendly as possible. For both touch controls and keyboard and mouse input for a number of years. With Windows available in so many different formats, finding the right balance can be a challenge. Naturally, we are considering tablets, computers, as well as hybrids like folding-screen PCs.

Although it’s unclear how such an image ended up in the middle of a Microsoft conference. It’s likely not the most recent build of Windows 12. This example at least has the advantage of providing a general idea. It shows the potential direction that Microsoft’s operating system could go in.

After a Windows 8 that was overly focused on touch, a Windows 10 that made peace with the keyboard and mouse, and a Windows 11 that didn’t change the game, Microsoft needs to consider the future without alienating its current user base. How do you feel about the new UI?

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  1. December 25, 2022

    This design is irrational for standard laptop and desktop displays. Computer monitors are generally wider than they are tall, having aspect ratios of 16:9 or 16:10. This possible Windows 12 design takes unnecessary vertical screen real estate, by separating the content of what is now just on the bottom of the screen, by having this same information display on the top and bottom.

    That is, no new information is being added, but more space is being used to display it. This means that there is less screen space for applications, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word.

    By wasting space, what exactly is Microsoft trying to achieve in this proposed design?

  2. December 26, 2022

    Just a copy of windows 11 but worse wait… This isn’t made by Microsoft!

  3. December 27, 2022

    I click on the clock and the calendar doesn’t show anymore, need to find the calendar in apps, this is braindead