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According to Nikkei News reports, Sony will provide new gen. image sensors for Apple’s iPhone 15 series. Sony Semiconductor Solutions has successfully developed a new image sensor. The company is already shipping this sensor to Apple and other mobile phone makers. Using a Sony sensor in the iPhone 15 series models is crucial for Sony. This can improve Sony’s advantage in high-definition photography tech. Samsung Electronics has launched a variety of camera sensors, shaking Sony’s position in image sensors.

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Compared with regular sensors, Sony’s new sensor can double the saturation signal level of each pixel. That said, the sensor captures more light and reduces over or under exposure in certain scenes. Even if the subject is in a strong backlight environment, the human face can be clearly captured. Sony achieved this breakthrough using a new semiconductor architecture that places photodiodes and transistors in separate substrate layers. This allows the sensor to add more photodiodes to dedicated layers.

Sony controlled 44 per cent global share of CMOS image sensors last year, with Samsung in second place with 18.5 per cent, according to British analyst firm Omdia. But Sony’s share has been declining in recent years.

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Apple is losing serious money

A recent report reveals that Apple’s market value had declined by $1 trillion this year. The main reason for this is due to the poor iPhone 14 performance.  However, Apple’s lack of innovation is another issue. In fact, Apple has been questioned about its lack of innovation capabilities, not only in the product functions of the iPhone but also in many aspects such as accessories and Internet services.

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There are also other disputes around Apple like the Apple Tax that forces developers to pay up to 30% fee. In May of this year, the EU filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple’s payment service. Musk also hit on Apple about the Apple App Store’s fee on Twitter. The Netherlands is also on top of the Apple tax issue. In fact, it is a concern in several parts of the world.

Another issue with Apple is the charging port. Unlike other Android mobile phone brands that almost all use the USB Type-C charging port, Apple has insisted on the Lightning port for many years. The port is not only slow, but it also takes away the comfort of users. In addition, it increases the electronic waste that Apple claims to care about.

Experts point out that high accessories and MFi certification fees bring a lot of profits to Apple. This is the main reason why Apple is not ready to unify the charging port. In October this year, the EU required a unified charging port. If Apple finally complies with the new EU laws, the annual loss may exceed tens of billions of dollars.

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