Discover the Best of Apple TV+: All TV Shows and Movies

The Apple TV+ guide is all about the latest Apple TV shows and movies that will get you carried away. The 4K HDR quality of Apple’s original TV shows and films matches no other streaming service. Amazingly, you can continue watching from where you left off.

And there are no restrictions whatsoever. Not to mention, you can watch everything for just $6.99 per month. Isn’t it affordable? Let’s cut that story short; we are here to guide you about the latest TV shows and movies that are amazing.

You can get all Apple TV+ shows and movies through the Apple TV app. Moreover, you can watch them on your iPhone or iPad, whichever is preferable. Fortunately, it will quash your cravenness to watch movies on Apple TV 4k.

You can download the Apple TV app from Roku, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, or To keep things interesting, Apple keeps adding AppleTV+ shows and movies every month.

Apple TV Plus Latest Movies and Shows

These are the latest Apple TV+ shows and movies you can watch now on your Apple TV app.

Dear Edward:

Apple TV Dear Edward

It is a story of a 12-year child who remains safe in a horrific plane crash. The story is taken from a famous novel by “Ann Napolitano.” The story moves around Edward with an exceptional touch of emotion. It is all about the grief and affinity of the family that survived a plane crash.

Truth Be Told:

Apple TV Truth be told

Octavia Spencer played the role of Poppy Poenell – a True crime podcaster. Poppy reopens the murder case as she manages to find new evidence. She initially investigates and broadcasts a crime but finds new crime evidence that makes things interesting.


Apple TV Servant

The Servant is yet another thriller in our Apple TV+ guide. It is a series of 30-minute clips. The drama series is about a family that suffers the death of 13 weeks baby. The family then gets a substitute baby doll as a kind of therapy.

Super League: The War For Football

Apple TV Super League

Super League is a four-part series posturing failed attempts to find a great alternative to the most significant league of top clubs in European football. The documentary features exclusive interviews of great masterminds behind the European Super League. It also interviews league presidents and club owners.

Little America:

Apple TV Little America

Little America is half-hour anthology series. It represents the immigrants in America. Moreover, it shows the emotion and experiences of immigrants living in America. All episodes are based on true stories taken from Epic Magazine.

Slow Horses:

Apple TV Slow Horses

This Mick Herron book series is about the division of MI5 rejection. Gary Oldman plays the leading role. The Slough Horse Group was assigned to do administrative and drudgery work. Afterward, they were dragged into an active hostage situation.

Echo 3:

Apple TV Echo 3

Gizchina News of the week

The story revolves around a young scientist named Amber. Further, Amber was captured and held hostage somewhere near Colombia and Venezuela border. Amber’s brother Bambi and husband Prince went on for her search and rescue mission. You can read more about its episode here.

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Circuit Breakers:

Circuit Breakers

This Apple TV+ show is also an anthology series suitable for families and kids. The series feature seven unique science fiction stories. These stories explore all highs and lows of life. It also features futuristic adventures to space and more.



Eugenio Derbez leads this bilingual comedy series. It was being produced at a popular hotel resort in Acapulco. Derbez plays the lead character of Maximo Gallardo. He narrates his life experience starting from 1984 when he joined the resort.

Ghost Writer:

Ghost Writer

It is a classic children’s show, probably a second version of the show with a similar name. Ghostwriter telecasts four kids who choose to adventure in a ghost bookstore. And the ghost brings literature for the kids to solve mysteries.



The drama series was taken from the famous novel “Shantaram.” Charlie Hunnam plays the lead role of Lin Ford. It is about a criminal escaping detention and trying to start a new life in Bombay, India. But his habit of doing crimes has never left him and brought him back to the underworld.



David Bautista plays Edo Voss and Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss. Both are brothers, and Baba Voss has a significant role in protecting his children. It all started when a mother gave birth to twins in a community. The queen of the land feels threatened and orders them to murder them.

How To Watch on Apple TV+?

The Apple TV should be your only destination to watch these fantastic shows. But it seems confusing as everything shows up there all at once. The reason is that it integrates content from Disney +, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV Channels.

Apple tv originals tab

To see original Apple content, open the App on your device and tap the Originals tab. Here, you can watch your favorite shows and dramas distinguished into categories such as comedy, drama, and family fun.

What To Watch on Apple TV?

Apple TV brings joy to countless people by offering sensational stories. Most importantly, you can watch the breakout hits, including Ted Lasso, Severance, Trying, Finch, etc., on the platform.

Wrap Up:

This Apple TV+ guide contains the latest Apple TV shows and movies. And these are the latest additions that can surely make your day. The iPhone maker is very much consistent in making good shows for its audience. What is more mesmerizing than getting a lot of entertainment at just $6.99 per month? Let us know what appeals to you the most in this guide.

Disclaimer: We may be compensated by some of the companies whose products we talk about, but our articles and reviews are always our honest opinions. For more details, you can check out our editorial guidelines and learn about how we use affiliate links.

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