Here Are The Best Game Consoles For Any Gamer

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When we talk about game consoles, we tend to lump them all together. But the thing is, there aren’t many players in this niche, and, more importantly, there aren’t many product categories. So when we talk about this niche, let’s remember that it’s all about finding the best product that meets all your needs.

For example, we know that there are customers who need the cheapest game console; others want the best game console; a third group of buyers wants a game console that will last them a long time; and finally, there are users who want a portable game console so that they can take it with them wherever they go.

As you can see, different groups of people use game consoles. That’s why this article should be helpful. At least, we hope so. It’s been written with the aim of helping you choose the best game console for your needs.

The Best Game Console To The Date: PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Compared to today’s top-of-the-range consoles, Sony’s offering stands out for its stunning graphics and smooth performance. At the launch of this console, we noticed how hard Sony had worked to equip the PS5 with the best hardware. Its improved processing power and gaming performance make it the best on the market.

We should also mention the DualSense, Sony’s latest controller. The latter has intense and precise feedback along the handles. There are adaptive triggers that change the functionality of the R2 and L2 buttons according to the weapons and tools the player has chosen. This is a feature that the Xbox consoles lack.

Another factor that makes the PlayStation 5 the best console is its library of exclusive titles. These include God of War: Ragnarök, Returnal, the Demon’s Souls remake, Insomniac’s Spider-Man series, all the games and re-releases of The Last of Us, and a litany of Final Fantasy titles.

Pro gamers can also subscribe to PlayStation Plus Premium for cloud streaming, freebies, and a catalog of games to download at any time. It costs $18 a month or $120 a year. Of course, you can always opt for cheaper plans.

The Closest Rival To The Best Console: Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Sometimes we can substitute these two – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox X. But many people we know think the PS5 is the better option at the moment (so next time we write a similar article, maybe the Xbox X will take the place of the PS5).

No one can deny that the Xbox series X is compelling. You can also subscribe to the Game Pass service, which gives you access to tons of titles. Of course, there are also Microsoft-exclusive titles. But we’d like to highlight the big ones like Starfield, Redfall, and the revamped Forza Motor Sport.

Another highlight of this console is cross-buying between Windows and Xbox titles. You can also stream games from the cloud with Game Pass.

One other thing, we used to have to choose consoles that our friends had. If we wanted to play the same game, we had to play it on the same console.  Now there is no need to rely on hardware/brand. So it turns out that our buying decision is mainly based on the exclusive titles we’d like to play. I agree that cross-play multiplayer has changed the industry, and it is now more about the game than the hardware.

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The Most Pocket-Friendly Game Console: Xbox Series S + Game Pass

Xbox Series S

If you like Microsoft’s games console but don’t want to pay as much as the Xbox X, there’s a more affordable version: the Xbox Series S. Of course, the lower price tag of a maximum of $300 cuts down on some of the specifications. We mean it comes with less storage space. But it can still play Full HD games. It’s not hard to guess that it lacks 4K support.

Well, if the Xbox Series S looks pale next to the Xbox X, there is one thing that will change your attitude towards this console: the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This unlocks cloud streaming on the Series S, PC, and mobile devices. This gives you access to the huge library without having to download anything. You have to pay $15 per month, with the first month being $1. This is the biggest advantage over Sony, as Microsoft offers the most reliable cloud service.

Best Game Console For Small Competitions: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

With the advent of online multiplayer, local consoles have left the arena. Well, this statement applies to all game consoles except the Nintendo Switch. This is because the Japanese company has always taken into account that when you get together with your friends, you organize competitions, and local consoles are the must-have products for the party. You don’t need to play heavy games with the best graphics and a blockbuster story in such scenarios. Mario Kart or Mario Party is what you really need. Plus, if your friends have their own Switch controllers, they can jump right in.

Best Option For Starters: Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only version of the aforementioned model. We think its biggest advantage is its portability. As the name suggests, the Switch Lite is smaller and lighter than the regular Switch, making it more portable and easier to carry around. It also has a longer battery life than its sibling. This means you can play for longer without having to recharge. And, of course, it costs less. So it’s an ideal option for those on a budget.

We should also mention that the Switch Lite is designed to be more durable than the original Switch, with a sturdier build and a smaller screen that is less likely to crack or break. Its more compact design makes it easier to hold and play for longer periods of time, especially for those with smaller hands.

Best Handheld Game Console (For Experienced Gamers): Retroid Pocket 3

Retroid Pocket 3

The Retroid Pocket 3 emulates classic video game systems, including Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and more, giving you access to a huge library of classic games. It has customizable controls, allowing you to adjust button mappings and create your own control profiles for different games. There is also a 3.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, providing a crisp, clear game display. Although the base version comes with 32GB of internal storage, you can expand this with a microSD card up to 512GB, giving you extra space for all your favorite games.

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The Retroid Pocket 3 runs the Android operating system, which means you can download and install apps and games from the Google Play Store and access a host of other features, such as web browsing and media playback.

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