How to Choose a Gaming Laptop for Work

How to choose a gaming laptop for work

The thing with gaming laptops is that they aren’t particularly work-friendly. It’s not just because they tend to be bulky. Instead, it’s more about the overall suitability of these systems for work. But it’s not like you can’t find a gaming laptop for work. As a matter of fact, you can find the perfect versatile machine to meet all your needs.

Basically, when it comes to choosing a gaming laptop for work, you need to consider a couple of things. With them in consideration, you can get a machine that lets you enjoy smooth gaming and enables you to work in professional settings at ease. Want to know which factors they are? Keep on reading to learn all about them.

Prioritize Business Features

RGB lights are great. But you need to understand that it defines gaming aesthetics. So, when choosing a gaming laptop for work, you must consider the professional aspect. Essential business features should be on your priority list. And it’s not just about the laptop’s performance while handling work apps.

Instead, it’s more about the things that make you work better in a professional setting. For example, you need to consider elements such as:

  • Good webcam.
  • Webcam compatible with Windows Hello.
  • A fingerprint reader for enhanced security.
  • Ā Support for hardware-based disk encryption.

Framework DIY laptops

Windows 11 has support for most of the advanced business-focused features. But your gaming laptop also needs to have the hardware for them. Without the hardware, software support means nothing.

Battery Life and Practicality

Gaming laptops excel in terms of performance. But as they have demanding hardware, they don’t excel in battery life. The mobility factor often limits manufacturers.

Ā In these cases, cutting-edge technologies like NVIDIA Advanced Optimus can play a big role. It dynamically optimizes the GPU usage. For the optimization, it considers what you’re doing. As a result, the optimizations don’t lower performance.

Laptop Battery Health

In addition, you should consider laptops equipped with advanced architectures. For example, Intel’s processors have p-cores and e-cores. Here, the e-cores are the ones that enhance battery life and efficiency. And with this architecture, laptops can easily adapt to varying power needs.

Consider A Sleeper Gaming Laptop for Work

Aesthetics are important for gaming laptops. But if you want to use your gaming laptop for work, you would want a more subtle look. It doesn’t need to be fill-on professional. But a design that seamlessly blends into corporate settings is the way to go.

ASUS Gaming laptop for work

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This is basically where the “sleeper” gaming laptops step in. They have what it takes to offer class-leading performance. But unlike others, they don’t go all in on gaming design. Basically, they are portable powerhouses that are perfect for work.

Factor In the Support for eGPUs

Considering work laptops that can game on the side? You need to ensure that it can support External Graphics Processing Units. At the core, it’s basically connecting a GPU externally. With it, laptops can seamlessly transition into gaming-capable machines when docked. Of course, you need to consider that this solution won’t offer a top-notch gaming performance.

Gaming laptop for work dock

For example, there will be bandwidth constraints. But with Thunderbolt 5 and alternatives like OCuLINK, these constraints aren’t much of a big factor. They can offer enhanced eGPU performance. Also, this support brings a cost-effective solution if you already have a GPU lying around.

What to Avoid in a Gaming Laptop for Work

Gaming laptops for work does offer a versatile computing experience. But there are potential pitfalls that you must avoid. Otherwise, you can’t expect to get an optimal experience.

Laptop Mode

So, what should you avoid while looking for a gaming laptop for work? Here’s a brief description of each of the factors:

Avoid Gaming Laptops With Color-Inaccurate Screens

Are you a professional who works with creative content? In that case, you would need color accuracy. The thing is, gaming laptops put emphasis on high refresh rates. They also prioritize rapid response times. These two can lead to color inaccuracies.

Of course, there are gaming laptops that are focused on creators. So, if you need color accuracy, opting for a gaming/creator hybrid laptop would be a good idea.

Small 1080p Screens

Many gaming laptops default to 1080p screens. While it’s suitable for gaming, it may be inadequate for your work. For example, you may feel the need for more pixels estate while editing content.

Also, gaming laptops with a 15-inch may make you feel the need to hook up an external monitor. So, it’s better to choose a 1440p model with a 17-inch screen.

Spectre Fold Laptop mode

Don’t Get a Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are great for gaming. But they aren’t suitable for workspaces. This holds particularly true for clicky switches. They can disrupt the work environment and distract people. So, if you’re looking for gaming laptops for work, it’s better to get the ones with non-mechanical keys.

Inadequate IO (Input/Output)

Gaming laptops do come with rich connectivity options for gaming peripherals. However, they may lack the specific mix of connections required for work. You should check the laptop’s IO layout before choosing it for your work.

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