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Save $150 on the powerful Mecpow X5 Pro 33W laser engraver

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Groview C26 new projector model hits the Amazon sale with 28% off

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TITAN ARMY N32SQ curved gaming 144Hz monitor is now available to the US customers

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Sometimes the default packaged charger for your device is either not best of most convenient one for actually charging it so you have to look …


Desktop computers and laptops are a limitless sink for new and new accessories and most of us really got some pretty obscure things for those …


Robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming the norm even in the non-geeky households and with the emergence of the chinese models it also becomes pretty affordable …

Aftermarket accessory maker Dodocool, has created a special magnetic wire which brings magsafe-like security to your smartphone.

As many of you may know, MGCOOL are a relatively new and emerging action cameras and accessories manufacturer coming out of China. They’ve been growing so …

Cubot Rainbow 2

Cubot Rainbow 2 is one of the best selling phones in the company’s lineup, probably because it offers a combination of good looks and extreme …

Chinese sensation Xiaomi are now looking to consolidate their presence in the offline smartphone market in India.

Weird decisions are something Lenovo seems to be rather fond of lately, especially with their latest launch, the brand new Lenovo Smart Assistant.

Choosing the right headphones is a little bit of an alchemy, because personal preferences are pretty much different for everybody. But at least when it …

OnePlus 3 Review

India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart just listed the OnePlus 3, but Amazon India happens to be the exclusive retail partner for the OnePlus 3.

huawei honor 8

Huawei Honor’s dual camera cousin of the P9, i.e., the Honor 8 is now on sale with a $100 discount in the US.

If you were planning to get a brand new Chromebook, now may be the time to get one. The Lenovo Chromebook N22 is currently on Amazon for $180.

Cubot Black Friday

Cubot’s Black Friday is live at Amazon, that’s a bit earlier than expected but it’s welcomed. Enter to check out their deals

Huawei’s MediaPad M3 has finally made it’s way into the United States after its appearance at IFA this year, courtesy of Amazon.

It has been learnt now (thanks to a leaked listing on Amazon) that the OnePlus 3 will be sold exclusively via Amazon in India.

Chuwi HiBook

Many chinese brands are suffering from difficult international availability of their products and customers are often very choosy when it comes to resellers. So if …

umi digi amazon

UMi have opened up shop on Amazon bringing headphones and a few phones to European shoppers.

cubot p12

It is becoming more common to see Chinese phone makers target specific markets, and for Cubot and their low-cost P12 they are after customers in the UK and Germany.

zuk z1 cyanogen

The 4100mAh battery totting ZUK Z1 can now be ordered via Amazon in certain markets across Europe.

The ‘2015 flagship killer’ aka the OnePlus 2 will soon be on an invite-free sale in India, via Amazon. Details here!