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CHUWI LapBook Plus coming soon with 4K resolution and dual SSD slots

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CHUWI AeroBook

The CHUWI brand is already pretty well known for releasing affordable laptops with good quality of the build and specs so you should pay attention …

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As a popular tablets/laptops manufacturer based in China, CHUWI has successfully launched a series of laptops, including CHUWI LapBook SE, CHUWI LapBook Air and CHUWI …

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CHUWI Herobook

CHUWI Herobook is the recently released model with the slightly underpowered Intel X5-E8000 quad-core processor, but the rest of the specs is actually pretty solid, …

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CHUWI Herobook

CHUWI as a brand have already quite covered the laptop bases and with the portfolio having such powerhouses and best-sellers like the CHUWI LapBook SE …

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The holiday season is almost upon us so it’s time to panic and start searching and buying the gifts for the whole extended family. If …

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Chinese tablet/laptop makers are trying to reach also the international buyers, because the quality of their devices skyrocketed rapidly in the past years. And the …

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Chuwi LapBook Pro

Gears of the chinese brand Chuwi are recently really picking up speed and turning faster and faster. Following the successful launch and initial sales of …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

Chuwi LapBook SE is one of the best affordable chinese laptops out there and is already selling quite well for a while. Of course it’s …

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Alienware has always prided itself on its sturdy, bulky tank-like laptops, but they’re attempting to change that with the new Alienware m15.

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Xiaomi laptops are for a good reason currently considered among the best choices among the affordable laptops, because they are offering massive performance and quality …

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Xiaomi’s going straight for a bigger target, taking aim straight at the new iPhones with their brand new product bundles called the XR

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The Chuwi LapBook SE seems to be one of the first laptops coming from the chinese brands to be equipped with the Intel Gemini Lake …

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If you’re still on the lookout for some good back-to-school deal then you’re in the right place. Chinese electronics manufacturer specialized in tablets and laptops …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

Electronics manufacturer specialized in tablets & laptops production – CHUWI – will soon kick off its annual back-to-school promotion online over at GearBest from August …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

We’re already in the middle August and while that might feel like summer just started, we’re actually really close to September, which is when school …

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Chuwi LapBook SE Unboxing

The most affordable and well equipped laptop to recently hit the market – the CHUWI LapBook SE – finally goes on sale at Gearbest on …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

If you’re on a tighter budget but still need something for taking notes, keeping up with social networks, video chatting, listening to music and streaming …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

If you’re a student, a laptop is a pretty essential item, almost as much as your textbooks and school ID. Plus you can use the …

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Affordable chinese laptops are out there to conquer the world, because the build quality have massively increased over the last years and the price/value ratio …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

Laptops equipped with the Intel’s 14nm Goldmont Plus platform (aka Gemini Lake) are still a pretty rare sight from the chinese manufacturers and we have …

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