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Chase Cobb is a man who took a look at the Nintendo Switch and decided that he could make his own version of it. And make it he did.

Another killer brand sale sees Geekbuying offering Chuwi tablets and laptops from just only $165 but only for the next 7 days! For the next …

The Teclast X3 Plus and the X3 Pro are two new tablets from the Chinese maker’s stable, both rather powerful and not-so-inexpensive.

HK-based electronics maker GPD’s newest is the GPD Pocket, which seems like their most fascinating product yet.

As a result of a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Lenovo, all Lenovo phones will now ship with Microsoft apps pre-installed. Yay or nay?

The Livefan S1 is a full-blown 2K-screen Windows 10 powered laptop that comes with a 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and other rather interesting specifications.

Teclast just gave the X98 Plus dual boot tablet a bit of a shave on its spec sheet, and called it the X98 Plus II. Here’s what you need to know about it.

The Cube iWork 12 is the latest tablet from China to have Intel Inside, 4GB RAM and support for dual OS: Windows and Android.

The Teclast Tbook 10 is the newest Z8300-powered dual-boot tablet from China. Keep reading for the full specs, features and pricing!

teclast x80 plus windows 10 tablet

Windows 10 tablets really are coming down in price and even the big names are offering devices at under $100.

huawei dual boot tablet rumour

Huawei look set to be the next Chinese manufacturer to launch a large screen tablet with stylus, plus their’s might even be dual boot.

The long overdue Chuwi Vi8 Plus is finally in stocks and shipping. Take a closer look at this sub-$100 Windows 10 tablet here!

chuwi hi12 windows tablet

Chuwi are testing the waters and leaking details of their forthcoming 12-inch Chuwi Hi12 Windows tablet due for launch in January 2016.

The Cube i7 Stylus with 4GB RAM, Intel Core M and more is now shipping starting just $327. Keep reading for full specs.

xiaomi mi pad review

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 was very recently spotted at a certification authority in China. Could the 22nd September Xiaomi event have more than just the Mi 4c?

Rumours of a Xiaomi laptop go back years and were even laughed at by Lei Jun during the Xiaomi Mi3 launch way back when. For whatever reason the rumours have endured though and it’s now expect a launch is planned for 2016.

xiaomi mi pad 2 leaked

The original 7.9-inch Mi Pad has been on sale for well over a year already and a new model is well overdue, but could this 9.7-inch leaked Mi Pad 2 be the real deal?

The Pipo X1 is an upcoming mini PC from Chinese tablet and hardware maker Pipo.

Breaking news emerged from web today with a video and the procedure made by a developer to run Windows 7 on his Asus Zenfone 2 now made public for everyone.

The all new WIndows-on-a-stick iBall Splendo just got announced for the Indian market.