Subor releases their underwhelming Subor DreamPad!

Subor, the once huge maker of Nintendo clones, recently announced they were going back to their gadget roots and announced a couple of phones and a 9.7 inch tablet named the Subor DreamPad. Well the DreamPad is here, but I can hardly say it’s something I’ve been dreaming for….

The Android tablet market is a touch one in China especially when companies such as Pipo launch amazing dual-core devices with Android Jelly Bean for little over $100, so I’m a little shocked by the underwhelming specification of the Subor DreamPad.

The DreamPad specs start off promising with a 9.7 inch display and … well thats it! The rest of the hardware is a just a plain boring and not at all what we expect from a flagship Android tablet which costs $225!

A single-core Rockchips CPU is what we expect on tables costing a 1/4 of the DreamPad and Android ICS 4.0 is already being replaced on some Chinese tablets with 4.1 Jelly Bean!

Come on Subor you can do better than that!