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Oppo Find 5 Camera Samples

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oppo find 5 photo sample

Oppo Find 5 fever is still in the air and now that we have some photo samples taken with its impressive 13 mega-pixel rear camera we can certainly feel the temperature rising!

ZTE Nubia Z5 Leaked packaging and official launch date

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zte nubia z5 launch date

ZTE’s latest flagship brand is causing quite a bit of excitement in the Android phone world with most commenters expecting ZTE to have an Oppo Find 5 killer on their hands. Thankfully we won’t have to wait to long to find out as the Nubia Z5 will be officially launched this Friday 21st December.

Meizu MX2 official price is higher in Russia

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meizu mx2 price

The Meizu MX2 will go on sale in China, Hong kong and Russia in just 2 days making Meizu one of the first local manufacturers to step out of China. But will Meizu be welcome in Russia especially with a higher price tag?

Updated 1.6Ghz Quad-core Lenovo K860i Spotted

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quad-core lenovo k860i leaked

Lenovo’s first quad-core phone, the 1.4Ghz Lenovo K860, launched just a few months ago but a more powerful updated version of the phone known as the K860i has already been spotted.

Huawei about to take phablets too far with an 8.5-inch model on the way?

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huawei 8.5 inch phablet leaked

Phablets! Love them or hate them, those 5+ inch devices are here to stay and are only getting more popular as the months pass by. But when does ‘usefully large’ become ‘ridiculously big’? Huawei could be on the verge of finding the answer to that out soon if this leaked 8.5-inch tablet phone launches!