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PiPO Released T5, A 6.95 Inch Budget Tablet, Phone

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The PiPO T5 hasa 6.95 inch display, can make phone calls and only costs around USD $80.

Rockchip RK3288 powered tablet scores over 40,000 in Antutu

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rockchip rk3288 antutu

We all know that benchmarks and real world performance don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but when something manages to raise the bar like the new Rochip RK3288 people tend to take notice.

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet will get a beta price of just 1 Yuan!

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xiaomi mipad tablet

Seems Xiaomi are going to be making their Android Xiaomi MiPad tablet available at a special beta price of just 1 Yuan in China (that’s about 16 cents!).

Telecast P78HD 7” FHD, 4.4 KitKat tablet on sale for just $119

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telecast tablet

Constantly dropping component costs have lead to the release of Android devices such as the Telecast P78HD launching at it incredible prices! Take a look at the specs.

Allwinner A31 powered HP 7 Plus Android tablet goes on sale in the US for $100

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HP just announced the Allwinner A31 powered HP 7 Plus for the US market at an impressive price point of just $100.

Xiaomi MiPad real photos and intro video: Will this be your next Android device?

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xiaomi mipad tablet

The Xiaomi MiPad Android tablet launched last week is a device many of us have been waiting for. After taking a look at these hands on photos with the tablet we ask “Could this be your next Android device?”.

Breaking: Xiaomi launch Nvidia Tegra K1 Xiaomi Tablet!

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xiaomi tablet launch

After months of waiting and speculation, Xiaomi today finally announced their long awaited Android tablet, and it is a killer!

Lenovo Thinkpad 10 Now Official

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Lenovo’s Thinkpad 10 has been revealed after being heavily rumored. The Windows 8.1 powered device has an optional dock that turns it into a workstation

Cube U25GT launched with 7″ display, quad-core MT8127 CPU

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Cube just announced another addition to their tablet family in the form of the MT8127 powered Cube U25GT.

Xiaomi tablet rumours heat up yet again as expected launch date nears

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xiaomi tablet leaked

A Reuters report claims that Xiaomi’s 7.9-inch tablet is well on its way, and here’s when we think it’s going to come.

iWork 10 (Cube U100GT) Review – One of the First Chinese Windows 8 Tablets

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cube 100gt windws tablet review

We review the Cube U100GT, one of the first Chinese tablet’s running Window’s 8 and a great Surface alternative at a low price!

The Pipo T9 Is an 8.9 Inch FHD Octa-core Tablet

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The Pipo T9 has launched and it appears to offer decent specs at a competitive price.

Xiaomi’s 7.85-inch tablet to sport a 2048×1536 pixel ‘retina’ display and cost $160: Report

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xiaomi tablet leaked

According to reports coming in from Taiwan, Xiaomi is preparing for launch of their first tablet, which will have a iPad mini style 7.85 inch display.

10 inch, 3840 x 2160p display for tablets from Japan Display showcased

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Japan Display today unveiled a 10-inch display with a monstrous resolution of 3840 x 2160p. Meant for tablets, the display should be undergoing mass production soon.

iFive Mini 3GS coming soon with Mediatek octacore and retina display

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As the name would suggest, the iFive Mini 3GS is the 3G equipped version of the popular iPad Mini clone the iFive.

Chuwi to launch an MT6595-powered Lenovo Yoga impostor

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Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi recently showcased a tablet, the design of which would ring a bell in minds of those who’ve seen the Lenovo Yoga before.

Xiaomi Tablet leaked photos, looks a lot like the iPad mini

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xiaomi tablet leaked

Again with the Xiaomi tablet leaks, only this one actually looks more like a tablet and less of a Magic Trackpad.

Are we finally going to see a Xiaomi tablet on 23rd April?

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mystery xiaomi april 23

For a company as large and famous as Xiaomi, they have been experts at keeping their new products under wraps! Today a new image appears of a mystery device, one we hope will be a Xiaomi tablet!

MIUI v5 For Tablets Review [Nexus 7]

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Xiaomi recently launched MIUI for tablets, and gave support for the second-generation Nexus 7. Gizchina finds out if it’s worth flashing your Nexus for.

Hisense launches Sero 8, a Rockchip powered tablet for those on a budget

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sero 8

Hisense unveiled the Sero 8, which is an 8 inch Rockchip RK3188T powered tablet aimed at those who’re on a budget.