Bluetooth Enabled GPS Rear View Mirror

Are you a cheapskate like me? Did you buy a bottom of the range car? Do you now wish you had sprung the extra cash for the one with GPS and a better media center? Well never fear! This all in one rear view mirror may just be what the doctor ordered.
Installing is quick and simple. Jut take it out of the packaging, give it a charge then slip it on over your current rear view mirror!
Now, your already to hit the road, almost! Put some of your favorite music and videos on to the provided 4Gb SD card, along with the GPS software of your choice (Tom Tom, iGo, Route 66 ETC) slip the card in the mirror and off you go.
The different menus are navigated through via a 4.3 inch touch screen, plenty big enough for the odd movie. There are also built in speakers and a microphone so you can listen to music or connect your Bluetooth phone for hands free phone calls.
Head over to Chinavasion to see the rest of the specs.

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