Samsung Announces Dual Core CPU

Nvida may have been first to release a dual core CPU for mobile devices with its Tegra 2 chips, but they won’t be the last. Samsung, one of the biggest producers of tablet CPU’s (look at Apple and the slew of Chinese tablet not to mention Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab for Samsung chips) have just announced it will start producing its Exynos dual-core processors at the end of the month.

This is going to mean a number of things for the tablet market:

Gizchina News of the week

  • Tablet manufacturers have another dual core CPU to choose from, so we are likely to see more.
  • The very popular 1Ghz Samsung CPU as found in the Galaxy Tab will drop in price (it’s already pretty low) and we will get to see more Chinese tablets sporting high-end hardware.
  • As the new Exynos (formally known as Orion) chip will be rolling out of factories by the end of the month Samsung more than likely have a device already for it to sit inside.
  • As a last thought, could this be a similar chip to what the iPad 2 is likely to be sporting when it arrives?

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