Chinese Burberry Stores Getting Multi-media Makeover

chinese burberry stores to get ipadsBurberry, the luxury British fashion brand are planning a full international brand makeover to give the traditional design house a more youthful image.

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The planned repackaging is set to begin with a digital make over for all 53 Chinese stores which will see the up market fashion stores getting multimedia touch-screens the size of full length mirrors piping the latest fashion shows and Burberry based entrainment to the shoppers, while sales assistants will be getting equipped with iPads to help customers order special items.

Burberry expects China to become their largest market within the next 5 years and so are taking early steps to attract young affluent shoppers.

As well as the digital overhaul in store, Burberry have also set up channels on (similar to Youtube) and have also set up accounts on popular social networking and micro blogging sites Kaixin, Douban and Sina’s Weibo.

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