Worlds Tallest Ferris Wheel Opening 1st September in Guangzhou

worlds tallest ferris wheel china
Worlds tallest ferris wheel to open in Guangzhou

If you thought Ferris wheels are for wimps, or that the slowing moving giant wheels are more boring than watching paint dry, then you have obviously not seen the awesomeness of the worlds tallest Ferris wheel in Guangzhou China!The Ferris wheel itself isn’t the biggest, but the fact that it is mounted on to the top of  the 450-meter-high Guangzhou Tower, technically make this the world tallest Ferris wheel!

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Also its not really a true Ferris wheel and more of a slow moving 16 carriage train that gradually moves up and down a 15 degree incline at the top of a humongous building!

Nevertheless, China are calling this the worlds tallest Ferris wheel, plus its also probably the tallest slow moving railway that is designed to survive a magnitude 8 earth-quake or Beaufort scale 12 typhoon!

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