China’s National ‘No Car Day’ Has No Takers

china no car day 2011 heavy traffic
Heavy traffic during China's 'No Car Day' today.


I didn’t know this when I jumped in to my Chinese made jalopy to head to the office in downtown Qingdao, but today is China’s official National ‘Car Free Day’.

It looks like no one else new, or didn’t care either!

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No car day china traffic jam
No one seems to care it is China no car day in Qingdao, Shandong.


The idea behind China’s annual ‘No Car Day’ is for everyone to leave their cars at home and use other ways to get to work. Public transport, buses, walking or even Beijing’s once favourite mode of transport the bicycle.

However this morning in Qingdao I saw very few people walking, exactly one bicycle, but hordes of cars with only one person inside clogging up the roads!

We suppose it’s difficult to take the cars from the roads of the fastest growing car nation on the planet, but a little public support would have been nice!

As for myself I’ll cycle home tonight.

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