GooApple Releases updated ROM follow these NEW instructions to install!

how to update gooapple 3g in English downlaod rom

Update: Original article only had links for GooApple V5 ROMs, added download link for GooApple 3G ROM

Are you having trouble updating your GooApple, iPhone 4S knock Android smartphone to the latest ROM? We’ll don’t worry as, GooApple have released a 2nd update which should fix any errors with updating the past ROM had, and we have the instructions to install it!

How to install New GooApple ROM instructions

Below are links to two ROMs for the GooApple V5. The first has the iOS skin to make it look and function just like iOS 5, where as the second is your standard Android Gingerbread install. The new ROMs fix some software bugs and brings an overall smoother operation to the GooApple V5.

Download GooApple V5 English ROM here

  • GooApple V5: Downoload the GooApple iOS ROM
  • GooApple V5: Download GooApple Android Gingerbread ROM.
  • GooApple 3G: Download GooApple 3G update ROM

* These ROMs are only for Gooapple V5 phone, not for Gooapple 3G.

How to update GooApple V5 to the latest ROM

Please update the latest ROM follow this guide:

  1. Download the new ROM to your computer ( /
  2. Connect your Gooapple V5 with computer, and the phone will display USB connected, click the button “Turn on USB storage”, then you will find your computer get a flash memory drive.
  3. Copy the ROM file to your phone (don’t unzip the file). Then disconnect your phone from computer.
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Press the volume key “+” and POWER key at same time for about 10 seconds, until the screen display a Android robot with a image that an exclamation mark in triangle.
  6. Select the option: apply update from SD card, through the volume key up and down, hold the “-” volume key 2-3 seconds to access it.
  7. Select the ROM files: or, hold the “-” volume key 2-3 seconds to start updating, and it will process 1 minute.
  8. When updating is complete, select this option: wipe data/factory reset, and then select this option: Yes — delete all user data, hold the “-” volume key 2-3 seconds to start, and this process will take about 10 seconds.
  9. Select the option: reboot system now, hold the “-” volume key 2-3 seconds to reboot, and updating is finished.
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* Notice: The 8th step is very important, must wipe the data after updating. Please back up your data before updating system.

How do I set the GooApple V5 to English?

set gooapple v5 language to English

Need any help? Leave a comment below!

Thanks to Shine at for the how to!

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