Knock off Macbook Air Gets a 14inch Update!

Knock off Macbook Air Gets a 14inch Update!


cheap macbook air from chinaThere has been a lot of talk, rumor, hope that Apple might be planning to launch larger versions of the svelte Macbook Air range of ultra books, but it seems again Chinese manufacturers are beating the big Apple to it!

Chinese factories have made a habit (business) out of releasing clones of popular products while either adding much requested features the genuine versions lack, or by trying to release a knock off of a next generation product.

We saw this yesterday with this Xiaomi clone which features a front camera, and last year when Chinese companies started making iPhone 5 clones (we have seen iPhone 6 phones since then).

Now with rumors that Apple could possibly replace the Macbook Pro range of laptops with thinner Macbook Air inspired computers, Chinese companies are attempting to beat Apple to it.

latest macbook air clone in chinaCase in point is this 14 inch screen Macbook Air knock off which has recently been released in Electronics markets across China.

Like previous versions of MBA clones this larger model gets an ultra thin body, SSD storage, SD card reader and HDMI out, and even a MagSafe charger but also manages to squeeze in some new features such as a replaceable battery and built in ethernet (under a small tab).

Unfortunately like the rest of these Macbook Air clones this ultra portable laptop doesn’t come with Max OSX Lion but rather Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you would like more details about this 14.1 Macbook Air knock off or the other devices on contact us now!


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  • We have been told that the factory says they won’t be shipping this netbook until at least next month. People have been very happy with the D16, Atom N2800 version that you have written about previously and that we sell on our website 🙂

    • You know we do have space for advertising 😉

  • Vincentallen2

    I’m interested in one of these, how much would one cost? And is there any MacBook air clones that are $100 or less or around that price?

  • Praveen Ratheesh

    hi buddy, i heard a lot about this item. i have a few questions.
    1. about the performance
    2. real battery backup in hrs
    3. do we get a new separate battery to buy from any website
    4. build quality
    5 where can buy at low price