5 Top Free iPhone Games for May

download radiant defense free iphoneWant to waste a little time while commuting to work or sitting through a boring meeting? Well you need to pack your iPhone with free games! Here are our top 5 for this May.

Radiant Defense

Radiant was one of the first free iPhone casino games I got completely hooked on, and the new Defense (tower defense) version of the games is easily as addictive and Free.

The aim of the game is to stop and alien invasion by creating mazes and building upgradable weapons.

Each maze has numerous waves of invasions which increase in difficulty and is easily one of the best games available for the iOS platform today.

Download Radiant Defense free for iPhone here.

Temple Run

download temple run free iphone gameI was skeptical at how good Temple Run for the iPhone could actually be, but once I downloaded this Free iPhone game and got the hang of the swipe controls It has been my go to game when I have a few minutes to spare!

The game has you run through mazes, collect coins, dodge branches and jump ravines all while being pursued by a gang of angry apes!

Download Temple Run free for iPhone here.


download battleships game free iphoneWhile the recent blockbuster movie may have been all about alien invaders splashing down in Hawaii and vaguely hinting at the Hasbro board game, this EA iPhone app does the total opposite.

Gizchina News of the week

Battleships is as like the original board game as Canadian online casino games are to physical casinos.

The game consists of players trying to locate their opponent my using grid coordinates with the aim to sink their ships before they sink yours!

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Download Battleships free for iPhone here

Zombie Jombie

download zombie jombie free iphone gameNo list of top free games for the iPhone would be complete without at least one Zombie based game.

Here we have a great zombie games based on a cross between RPG (role playing game) and classic card games series like Pokemon.

Where Zombie Jombie differentiates itself from other iPhone zombie games is the fact that you play as the zombies and you are actually the good guys!

Download Zombie Jombie free for iPhone here

Duke Nukem 3D for iPhone

download duke nukem 3d free iphoneDuke Nukem is the original FPS (first person shooter) and it’s back and for free on the iPhone!

Play as the gun toting Duke Nukem as you wonder the street of Los Angles protecting the  city’s citizens from an Alien invasion!

Download Duke Nukem 3D free for iPhone.

Well these are our top 5 free iPhone games for May, what are yours? Let us know in the comments section below.

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