21.5 Inch Knock Off iMac With Intel i3 CPU costs just $344!

We’ve seen and reported on a number of Apple iMac knock-offs over the past few months but nothing compares to this 21.5 inch model from Zhi Guang Science and Technology!

While all of the knock off iMac’s we have reported on over the past year have all looked fantastic and could be easily passed off as genuine iMac all in one PC’s they have all been a little lack luster in the processing department!

But not this model from Shenzhen’s Zhi Guang Science and Technology which boasts an Intel Core i3 CPU and 4GB RAM, which is a far cry from the usual Intel Atom models we see.

The 21.5 inch display is an LED unit with a resolution of 1920 x 1080,  sitting behind this is a 500GB hard drive, and DVD player

Prices are expected to be around 2200 Yuan which is an absolute steal! If you want more information contact Zhi Guang Science and Technology on their QQ 43261851

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