JiaYu G3 Caught on Tape Looks like the new iPhone?

The JiaYu G3 is one of the most anticipated Chinese phones to hit in a very long time. We’ve already done the specs and the leaked photos, but now thanks to Amby we have a hands on video!

The video below shows of the JiaYu G3’s 1080 HD video playback capabilities which seem to be pretty good if the K Pop pumping from the internal speakers is anything to go by!


JiaYu G3 Chinese Phone on Video



The JiaYu G3 really is a fantastic looking Chinese phone, but as some readers pointed out earlier today, is the G3 an original Chinese Android phone or have JiaYu simply followed the designs of the many leaked concept iPhone 5 drawings floating the web?

Is It just me, or does this iphone prototype design look almost 100% similar to the Jaiyu G3, if you don’t believe me, compare the 2, and you’ll see what I mean.

I can certainly see where they are coming from as the JiaYu G3 does have a similar alloy body similar to those spotted over the weekend by iLab, and the only thing missing from the face of the G3 is the trademark Apple home button.

Wheter the JiaYu have been inspired by the iPhone 5 or not isn’t all that important as this China phone has already wowed the Android phone buying crowd enough that we are likely to see plenty of in the near future.

Again thanks to Amby for sharing the link!

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