iPhone 5 Caught on Video Looks like a JiaYu G3

The iPhone 5 is really not all that appealing to me at the moment, not when I can buy an awesome Chinese phone now for much less! Never the less many are excited by its arrival so here’s is the most recent leaked video of the iPhone 5.

Macotakara are the fellows behind this latest leaked iPhone 5 headliner. The Japanese Apple site are well-known in the gadget community for outing various Apple products way before Apple intend to do so and it seems they have just done the same with the new iPhone!


iPhone 5 on video!


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After watching the above video did you find yourself saying ‘meh’, ‘it’s not as good-looking as……. phone’ or ‘I’m sure I’ve seen that before’?

We’ll the reason why the new iPhone 5 doesn’t look all that great and new is the fact that Chinese phone company JiaYu have been parading practically the same design around the web for the past few months! Only, the JiaYu actually looks better!

Oh, well back to the video! Do you think it shows the new iPhone, iPhone 5 or whatever they call it? Or do you, like me, not really care and are more excited about the current crop of Android phones to be bothered with yet another iPhone?

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