Next Generation iPhone 5 Knock Off Get’s Large Screen

Knock off makers across China are currently scrambling over one another to try to guess what the next iPhone will look like, and here is one of the first.

Actually this is not the first fake iPhone 5 we have seen, the first one was almost a year ago and it sent the tech world in to a frenzy, but as we all know that clone turned out to look nothing like the iPhone 4S which was later released.

This time around everyone seems convinced that Apple will in fact launch an all new iPhone design with many hoping the all new iPhone 5 will get a much larger screen so that it can keep up with Android phones which all seem to be gaining extra screenage!


next generation iphone 5 knock off from china
knock off iPhone 5 from China



So one Chinese company has done what they think Apple might do with the new iPhone and have slapped a larger screen on to the bigger iPod chassis and said “Jobs a good un”


next generation iphone 5 knock off from china
Knock off iPhone 5 compared to iPhone 4S

From the front this now off iPhone 5 actually looks pretty good and could even fool some in to believing it is actually a real iPhone 5, but when viewed from the side and back the shoddyness shines through!


next generation iphone 5 knock off from china
The next generation iPhone 5 clone from China still has a 30pin dock connector


Now the damn has been broken and as we get more glimpses of iPhone 5 concepts and spy photos brace yourselves for an onslaught of knock off iPhone 5’s in the near future!



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