JiaYu G3 Which Color Do You Choose?

JiaYu are both teasing and infuriating potential customers with constantly leaked photos, videos and specification, but this current news and poll might suggest they are on the verge of launching the JiaYu G3.

As mentioned in an earlier post JiaYu are currently holding a poll over on their forum for fans of the brand to choose which colour JiaYu G3 they prefer and would like to see on the market.

I’m not sure if the voting will actually affect JiaYu’s decision on which G3 to launch as I suspect their factories are already churning out the new dual core, 4.5 inch phone for a luanch later this month, but the fact they are getting customers involved is a great marketing strategy.

Take a look at let use know which colour option you prefer! I personally think the black and silver ‘Oreo’ option look the most stylish Jiayu G3.

jiayu g3 oreo colour option
JiaYu G3 ‘Oreo’ Chinese Android dual core phone


jiayu g3 silver
JiaYu G3 ‘Silver’ Chinese Android dual core phone


jiayu g3 black colour option
JiaYu G3 Black colour option Chinese dual-core Android phone
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