JiaYu G3 Which Color Do You Choose?

JiaYu G3 Which Color Do You Choose?


JiaYu are both teasing and infuriating potential customers with constantly leaked photos, videos and specification, but this current news and poll might suggest they are on the verge of launching the JiaYu G3.

As mentioned in an earlier post JiaYu are currently holding a poll over on their forum for fans of the brand to choose which colour JiaYu G3 they prefer and would like to see on the market.

I’m not sure if the voting will actually affect JiaYu’s decision on which G3 to launch as I suspect their factories are already churning out the new dual core, 4.5 inch phone for a luanch later this month, but the fact they are getting customers involved is a great marketing strategy.

Take a look at let use know which colour option you prefer! I personally think the black and silver ‘Oreo’ option look the most stylish Jiayu G3.

jiayu g3 oreo colour option
JiaYu G3 ‘Oreo’ Chinese Android dual core phone


jiayu g3 silver
JiaYu G3 ‘Silver’ Chinese Android dual core phone


jiayu g3 black colour option
JiaYu G3 Black colour option Chinese dual-core Android phone
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  • Enigma

    Hi bro,

    I’m kinda torn between the oreo and the silver looks, but probably leaning ever so slightly towards the former. Btw, do you have any online resellers that you can recommend?

    I’ve been digging around and found these to be some of the better ones: fastcardtech, pandawill, merimobiles, and android-sale (looks to be the most legit). Thanks a ton and keep up the great work!

  • broli

    Black, white, metal, pink…I don’t care I wish they would just release the damn thing already :).

    This is probably the most hyped Chinese budget smartphone that I have come across.

  • JuH

    I just wanna this phone…don’t matter the color! kkkk but I love black and metal style.

  • Amby

    Hi Andi,

    My vote is for Oreo too.Since its a mix of black and metal (from the photos, I presume), if the company is going ahead with 2 color variants ( 1. All Metal 2. All Black ) , they can simply take the front panel of the Metal variant and the back panel of the Black variant (or a similar mix and match) and give users a 3rd variant (Oreo or whatever it is), without having to go through the expenses of manufacturing a 3rd color variant. Crafty , eh ? 😉


  • zoltek

    Black and Silver “Oreo” for sure!

    • Yeah the Oreo look really good!

  • fonix232

    I vote for all-metal. Gives it a more quality feel, what so far cheap chinese handsets lack. Some nice, feel-good-to-touch brushed metal (like the backplate of the Asus Transformer Prime), and a whole-glass front, and I’m a buyer for sure!

    • Actually if the metal finish is like the Asus I might have to change my vote 😉

  • Amby

    Can they not make the black variant in metal, instead of plastic? Guess all variants will look great then.

  • Isma67

    Did any one already test the phone?? because i want to buy it but i can not find any comment about test or new user



    Is there a date when the Jiayu G3 will be released ? By the way love the oreo setup in the picture.

    • Not sure yet Kevin hopefully later this month. For the time being check out this video testing the G3’s Gorilla glass display