I’m Not Impressed With This iPhone 5!

Another day another “leaked” iPhone 5, but if these pieces of sh*t do turn out to represent the look of the new iPhone I’m seriously not interested, thankfully I have a feeling these leaks look nothing like the real thing!

I’m pretty sure that these latest leaks, knock offs, ideas or whatever you want to call them aren’t the next iPhone because I have faith in Apple not to release something so, so, so…. shi*t looking!

This dummy iPhone 5 which was spotted online earlier today might have been spectacular, awesome, cool, real even this time last year!! But Apple would never release a phone like this not when HTC have phones like the One X, Samsung have the Galaxy S3 and Chinese phone companies are releasing gorgeous looking handsets like the MX, and the Jiayu G3!

It is possible Apple did think about releasing a phone which looks like this before dropping the hideous monster to re-release the iPhone 4 as the 4S, but I doubt Apple believe 2012 is the year of the ‘half assed iPhone’ and likely never will.

What a disappointment the iPhone 4S was we need to see something new again!

And Apple really need to wow the tech world again! They NEED to, or they are going to start loosing ground to all the fantastic Android machines out there!

No one is interested in a slightly bigger iPhone 4 with a better camera and smartass talking app, we want to see Apple innovate, wow and impress us!

Maybe I’m just becoming a grumpy 30 something?! What do you guy’s think of the Apple recently?

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